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The University of Warwick merchandise guidelines

The University of Warwick merchandise

The University of Warwick brand is used on a variety of official merchandise – from hoodies to gift items to sporting goods – and is seen and used not only on campus but also across the world.

On this page, you'll find guidelines for creating the University merchandise. Given the opportunities for merchandise are vast, it's important that we get our branding right. Please contact the team before commissioning any new designs for production.

Logo & crest usage

We advise that The University of Warwick master logo or the Crest should be featured on all official merchandise, though they should not be used together.

Below you'll find further information on how to use the logo on merchandise. Please click on the images in each tab to enlarge.

Master logo

Here, you can see some examples use of our primary logo in aubergine with wordmark & descriptor in black (1). We advise that our master logo is only printed on white or very light grey backgrounds.

Our mono black logo (2) and mono white logo (3) can be printed on any solid colour, screen of colour, or textured or photographic background that provides sufficient contrast for the logo to appear clearly and legibly.

Departmental logos (4) can also be used on merchandise to promote individual schools, centres or services, using the same colour rules as above. Please contact the Brand Team for any queries in relation to this.

Branded examples

On the right, you can find some suggested designs for some of our more popular pieces of merchandise.

Please note that the Commercial Marketing Teams are to oversee all retail designs and the Brand Team has the ultimate sign off.

1. Collegiate hoodie*

2. Collegiate t-shirt*

3. Tote bag

4. Mug

5. Pen*


* Only the term ‘Warwick’ is allowed in the collegiate style, never ‘Warwick University’