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Our name

The University of Warwick name guidelines

The University of Warwick name

Consistency in how we refer to ourselves in written form is as important as how we present our visual identity. Below you'll find out how to use The University of Warwick name consistently in your writing.


To stay consistent in the way we refer to ourselves, we recommend that our full name, ‘The University of Warwick’ is used the first time we are mentioned, with the ‘T’ on ‘The’ capitalised.

The second mention can be shortened to ‘the University’, with only the ‘U’ capitalised (unless it is the start of a sentence). 

The third mention is simply ‘Warwick’ on its own, with the ‘W’ capitalised.

We must never refer to ourselves as ‘Warwick University’.

This guide is predominantly for longer form copy. For creative artwork where space is limited, such as web banners, we can use ‘Warwick’ on its own, as long as our master logo is also present.

To learn how we refer to ourselves on social media, please refer to the social media playbook.