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Capital Plan Projects

There are nine Capital Plan projects to be included in the Hybrid Application. Follow the links to read more about each project:

  1. Westwood Residences – demolition of existing buildings at Westwood Campus and redevelopment for up to 1,000 new student residences and new academic facility.
  2. Pedestrian/Cycle Link – a new route from Academic Square, through the Science Park, to Kirby Corner Road, involving the demolition of two University owned residential properties.
  3. Degree Apprenticeship Centre Phase 2 – a further building on the central campus to allow for expansion of the imminent first phase, off the Academic Loop Road.
  4. New Academic Building – a new building on land to the rear of Car Park 15 which is currently the construction compound for the new National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC).
  1. New Academic Building(s) - demolition of the Humanities building on University Road and redevelopment for new academic buildings.
  2. Faculty Of Arts – demolition of Car Park 7 and redevelopment for new Faculty of Arts building.
  3. Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building (IBRB) – a new academic building to the north-west of the Gibbet Hill Campus.
  4. Public square – creation of a new link between IBRB, and the existing Life Sciences and Medical School at Gibbet Hill.
  5. Multi-Storey Car Park - demolition of the existing decked car park and replacement with a new Multi-Storey Car Park at Gibbet Hill.

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Map showing the locations of the projects