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Campus development projects to 2022

Over the next 5 years, the University is embarking on its next phase of building works, which includes nine development projects.

These include:

  • A new Faculty of Arts on the central campus
  • A new Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building (IBRB) at Gibbet Hill
  • Residences for up to 1,000 students

As these combined projects will give rise to new floorspace and new parking requirements which are not reflected in the 2009 Masterplan, a fresh planning permission is required.

In this context, the University is preparing a single planning application to cover all nine projects and enable their combined impacts to be considered together. The application will be submitted to Coventry City Council as all projects lie within Coventry’s administrative boundary. The application is a ‘hybrid’ planning application as some of the projects will be submitted for detailed approval and others will be submitted for outline approval only. It will include a revised Travel Plan which will set targets for the increased use of public transport, car sharing and cycle use as well as set new car parking limits, which will be tied to a new (S106) legal agreement.

The Hybrid plan allows the University to:

  • Modernise both its Faculty of Arts and Science facilities to continue to attract top quality students and staff
  • Increase student accommodation on campus
  • Widen its teaching and skills development offer for the region through the Degree Apprentice Centre phase 2
  • Provide an academic building for potentially significant externally government funded research opportunities
  • Improve the public realm and campus for visitors, particularly as we move towards City of Culture in 2021

At the same time, the University is embarking on a longer term review of its 2009 masterplan looking ahead to 2030 and beyond. This will involve extensive consultation.

Find out more about our proposals here.