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Hundreds write letters to say 'thank you' to the NHS

How one Warwick student is rallying support for key workers

Mya Krishna-Kumar

Every Thursday evening, if you open your window or step into the street, you are likely to hear the rapturous applause of communities coming together to clap for our carers. It's a small gesture that shows gratitude to the key workers who are doing their bit to keep society going in these difficult times.

Mya Krishna-Kumar, a first year Maths student at the University of Warwick, was inspired by the weekly outpouring of appreciation. She wanted to find a way to connect people with NHS staff, to give a more personal touch. A few weeks ago, Mya set up 'Letters for the NHS' – a pairing system where anyone can write to a hard-working healthcare worker.

She said:

"For the last couple of months, I have been an administrator of my local COVID-19 mutual aid group. I've noticed several people in the community wanted to contribute but were unable to help whilst shielding or because they didn't have access to transport.

"Like everyone, these people were coming out each week to clap on Thursday evenings, and I realised that there was a chance to build on this gesture to show just how much people care about those the people who are looking after our friends', families' and neighbours' health."

Writing a noteAnyone can write a handwritten letter or email. More than 500 volunteers have already signed up, and they have just passed the milestone of 175 letters sent.

The recipients are all NHS workers who have been put forward as someone who would appreciate a thoughtful note. When they are nominated, people have the option to provide a little bit of information about their role to assist the letter-writer make it personal.

Mya explained:

"We don't share the recipient's contact information with the volunteer. Everything is sent to the admin team (currently just me!) and then sent on to the amazing NHS worker who we want to thank.

"I am so pleased with how the project has taken off. I could never have anticipated this reception, and am so excited for it to grow so we can share our support with the people who are working so hard."

If you know someone who would appreciate a bespoke letter of thanks or you would like to write one for someone who has been nominated, register through the quick form on the Letters for the NHS website.

Show your support on Instagram: @thecrisisproject

“At times such as this, it is more important than ever for us to work together with our regional neighbours and partners as a single community.”

– Professor Stuart Croft, Vice-Chancellor & President

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