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Summer 2022 timeline


9 June: Work begins on Cryfield Village Car Park to create the Igloo for Warwick Celebrates

20 June- 24 June: Fence build begins along the Lake Path and Bluebell Car park

26 June: Car Park 6 partial closure to start the build of the marquee

26 June: Partial closure of Gibbet Hill Road by Benefactors / Cryfield to build section of perimeter fence

27-30 June: Fence build continues around Junction Building and Tocil accommodation

28 June: Amazon lockers at Junction and Rootes Building will not be available to choose as a delivery option on Amazon website


1 July: PG Hub closes in Junction Building (closes at midnight on 1 July)

4 July: PG Hub moves to main Library Building

4 July: Work commences on Kirby Corner Car Park (reduced capacity on outside spaces)

4 July: Start of Oculus Marquee Build (deliveries will be made between 6am and 8am to avoid traffic disruption)

4 July: Alternative parcel collection hubs will be available as Junction and Students Union will not be available

4 July: Remaining fence build around Arthur Vick, Jack Martin, Rootes Residences J-L and M-P, International House, Red Square and Rootes Building

5 July: Warwick Celebrates commences at the Igloo (11am and 3pm each day Monday to Sunday)

7 July: E Sports Facility moves to Faculty of Arts

14 July: Health Centre moves to Westwood campus (current Health Centre remains open until 13th July

14 July: Junction Building, Jack Martin and Arthur Vick are all within the Accreditation Zone

14 July: Deliveries from Warwick Food & Drink will not be available for events unless the event is for Graduation

14 July: Flags of the Commonwealth will be installed in the Piazza area

15 July: Warwick Celebrates concludes at the Igloo

16 July: Accreditation Zone is active

16 July: Warwick Staff Welcome Back Event

15 July: Normal walking route to Gibbet Hill from Central Campus will not be available

15 July: Sustrans Route will be re-directed away form Cryfield Campus

18 July: Summer Graduation commences – 11am and 3pm each day (Monday to Friday)

19 July: Team officials begin arriving on campus

22 July: Athletes begin arriving on campus

27 July: Summer Graduation concludes (11am ceremony only on this day)


1 August: Cryfield Village Car Park re-opens

5 August: Oculus Marquee removal will be complete

11 August: International Children’s Games arrives on campus

11 August: Amazon lockers are available again on Amazon website

16 August: International Children’s Games concludes

Mid August: Health Centre returns to central campus

20 August: Warwick Food & Drink deliveries re-commence

22 August: E Sports returns to Junction

24 August: PG Hub reopens in Junction Building

Mid August: Parcel Hub at Junction / Rootes Building re-opens