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Update following an incident on campus

You may have seen in the news that yesterday there was an incident at Sherbourne accommodation on campus. Three people were involved, and it resulted in one of them being taken to hospital with what are thought to be non life-threatening injuries. The individual is in a stable condition. We provided wellbeing support and alternative accommodation to students living in that accommodation overnight. The incident was isolated, it has now concluded and the police are investigating.

We can reassure you that there is no danger to students, staff or our local community. You may see continued police presence on campus over the next few days. This is in relation to a separate investigation into a local missing person who was seen most recently on campus. It is unrelated to the incident at Sherbourne yesterday. Both incidents are police investigations, which means that we are unable to give specific details. Suffice to say, our thoughts are with the individuals involved in both incidents, and their friends and family.

If you have any concerns about this, or anything else, please do speak to us via