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Would you like to work with a Warwick intern in your charity or SME?

The University of Warwick is pleased to share details of this year’s funded internship programme, offering Charities and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises 222 hours of flexible collaboration with a Warwick undergraduate student/finalist, supported by a tax-free grant of £2100 (£2500 in Greater London).

Covid-19 severely limited our scope for internships in 2020 and we are grateful to the many organisations who worked with us to manage student expectations last March.

We have been speaking with employers since then and fully recognise that this might not be the right time for your organisation to host an intern, due to more pressing business priorities, so we look forward to working with you as and when appropriate.

The Warwick Internship Programme retains Warwick Summer Internships’ comprehensive funding and high-quality student participation, with the additional benefits of flexible start dates (April-July) and working patterns (full-time, part-time, or a mixture), plus a new emphasis on remote working.

All internships will be considered, if they allow for a minimum of 148 hours to have been undertaken by 30 July, and they should be designed with remote working in mind.<> Funding will be available on a first come first served basis, as ever, but with a clearer picture of the funding landscape at point of entry due to the data afforded by more gradual uptake of grants.

There is initial funding for 80 internships.


  • Visit the website to check eligibility, host commitment and programme timelines
  • To register interest in the programme, and to receive further communication, please ensure you complete the brief online form at
  • Key dates for your diary:

    Vacancies can be submitted from now until 26th April. 

    The latest closing date for a vacancy is 16th May. 

    Internships can start from 26th April until 5th July. 

    To model your ideal timescale, use our WIP schedule calculator (available via the WIP 2021 info for External Hosts pages on the website) to input either the earliest point at which you could submit a vacancy or your preferred start date – our calculator will give you the resulting pattern of programme dates necessary to meet your needs.

Vacancies can be submitted via myAdvantage - please use the Vacancy template (available via the WIP 2021 info for External Hosts pages on the website) to qualify for inclusion in the programme.

If you would like to speak with a member of the Internships Development Team, please email

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