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'Planning for Real' in Canley

Canley is one of our closest neighbourhood communities and home to many of our students and staff.
The University Strategy commits to regional leadership as one of our four strategic priorities. We are working with the people of Canley to facilitate the Planning for Real process and help them devise an action plan for change in their community.
We are training and supporting Canley residents to deliver this process every step of the way.

What is 'Planning for Real'?

Planning for Real is a nationally-recognised community planning process where residents develop ideas on a locally-made 3D map of the area. It allows a wide range of people from Canley to register their views on a variety of issues, work together to identify priorities, and go on to develop an action plan for change with the support of local agencies.

There are lots of suggestion cards that residents can add to the 3D map, such as 'more activities for young people here' or 'install CCTV here' and some that are blank so new ideas can be included. You can also add cards that highlight where there are problems, which might inspire someone else to suggest a solution. The 3D map is taken to lots of events so as many members of the Canley community as possible get a chance to add their thoughts to it.

When the suggestion phase is over, all of the ideas are collated, presented and discussed at follow-up events with people from Canley who are interested. With access to expert representatives from various stakeholders (such as Coventry City Council and the University) the residents draw up a realistic action plan for change.

What have we done so far?

We have delivered training for community leaders with the Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL), created the 3D map of Canley, posted leaflets about the upcoming events through every door, and spoken to over 650 residents. We have collected more than one thousand suggestions.

The suggestions have been sifted and sorted by interested members of the community; and they have proposed clear actions for how to take the supported suggestions forward. These action planning meetings are community-led with relevant expertise on hand from key agencies and stakeholders, including the University of Warwick.

The outcome is the production of an action plan that has a strong evidence base and clear next steps. This will be pulled together soon and shared with Canley residents for comments.

pfr map girl PfR map

Who are our partners?

We are working with lots of groups and organisations as part of Planning for Real. The participation of these partners helps ensure the Canley community have ownership of the process and outcomes.

The partners include: Canley Community Centre, Canley Community Church, Mosaic Family Hub, St Stephen's Church, Canley Library, Canley Stakeholders Group, Westwood Academy Community Heroes, Accord Housing Planning for Real Unit, West Midlands Police and Coventry City Council.

How can you get involved?
Canley residents

We need your input for this process to work. Although we are nearing the end of the planning, the next stage is the most important: putting the plan into action. Get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or PfRCanley at warwick dot ac dot uk to express an interest and join our mailing list.

Upcoming Planning for Real Events
  • There are currently no events planned. Check back soon for more information.
Students and staff

If you live in Canley, your views are encouraged as much as any other Canley resident. Have a look at the opportunities for you and your neighbours to get involved. You may wish to promote Planning for Real on your social media or by word of mouth and that would be very welcome.

There may be opportunities for students and staff to get involved even if you do not live in Canley, so please email the Community Engagement team at for more information.

Find us on Facebook and Twitter at @PfRCanley and use #PfRCanley