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Leamington Spa Street Marshals

The street marshals help to create a positive environment for students and other residents in Leamington Spa. They provide wellbeing support and promote positive community relations when students are on a night out.
The scheme is a partnership between Warwick District Council, Warwick SU, Warwickshire Police, and the University of Warwick.

What do the street marshals do?

The street marshals steward the areas of Leamington Spa that are frequented by students, providing pastoral care and protection, in addition to encouraging students to respect the interests of other residents as they return home. From 7pm until the early hours of the morning, Monday to Thursday, up to 8 street marshals – depending on anticipated need – work in pairs of one man and one woman.

They begin each shift at Warwick District Council’s CCTV Operations Suite and then move on to the streets. Making use of their robust training, they will intervene in any situation that would benefit from their support. Examples include helping vulnerable students get home safely and arranging medical treatment for people who are injured. They have direct communication with the CCTV Operations Suite, door staff at some venues and the police.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the street marshals have been engaging individuals and groups in conversations about how to keep each other safe; explaining and encouraging compliance with social distancing and other important public health messages.

It is not in their remit to respond to incidents that occur in student houses, nor do they facilitate the University taking action against students. They are solely focused on supporting the people they encounter during their shift.

Who are the street marshals?

They are recruited and employed by SafetyNet Security Group, who are accredited by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). The street marshals are Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) trained and have a unique set of powers, delegated to them by the Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police to enable them to carry out their duties effectively. In addition to normal citizens’ rights, they can require names and addresses for anti-social behaviour and require persons drinking alcohol from an open vessel in designated areas to surrender the alcohol.

They wear a red jacket approved by the Chief Constable, which is different to Police and PSCO uniforms. It features the CSAS badge and Partners’ logos. Each pair of street marshals carries one radio and one badge-cam between them.

At weekends and on other busy nights, you may see street marshals who are also facilitated by SafetyNet Security Group – but this is a different scheme funded by Warwick District Council or via funding from the Office of the Police and Crime Comimissioner to the South Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership (SWCSP). They will, of course, help anyone in need of support but their primary aim on these nights is early intervention to prevent problems from escalating – rather than focusing on supporting students. They are entirely separate from the street marshals funded by the University of Warwick from Monday to Thursday.

Who are the partners?

The Street Marshals Partnership Group oversee the project. They meet 7 times a year to discuss strategic and operational issues, and to ensure the street marshals have suitable oversight. The members of the Partnership Group are:

  • Warwick District Council
  • Warwick Students’ Union
  • University of Warwick
  • Warwickshire Police
  • Current contracted company: SafetyNet Security Group

Get in touch and share your feedback

If you were helped by the street marshals in Leamington Spa and want to get in touch with them, please complete the form here. We will direct your message to the appropriate person.

The Partnership Group are interested to hear about your experience of the street marshals – whether a compliment or complaint. If you are happy to share your thoughts, please do complete the Get in Touch form. You can complete it anonymously but it is helpful if you leave a name and contact information so we can contact you for further information or to let you know how we responded to your comments.

Street marshals
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