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Student Story: Ritika Kullen

What volunteering were you involved in?

I have volunteered for Tocil Wood Conservation and Kenilworth Phab. At Tocil Wood, volunteers give a helping hand to coppice the land to stimulate growth and our time is spent outdoors in nature. On the other hand, for Kenilworth Phab, as volunteers, we spend time with the members of Phab and chat to them or take part in activities organised.

Why did you decide to volunteer?

Volunteering makes me happy. It is a way for me to give back to nature and society what I have received over the years. It is not only about helping others but it is also about helping myself grow as a person as I get to interact with so
many people!

What did you gain/learn from volunteering?

A sense of purpose and satisfaction- It makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile and at the same time, volunteering is teaching me a lot of skills.

What have been the highlights of your volunteering experience?

Hearing people from Kenilworth talk and share their stories, whether happy or the not-so happy moments. They are all there for each other and try to lift each other's spirits up and I think I learned a lot from them.

Do you think your volunteering has had an impact on your career?

It definitely does as it shows you are compassionate and it shows your interests outside of work. It is also helping me learn more about myself as a person and ultimately, shaping my career plans.

Do you think volunteering has had an impact on your wellbeing?

Volunteering makes me incredibly happy and for the duration that I am volunteering,I do not have to worry about deadlines or any such matters. I am enjoying the moment and this has helped me become more relaxed and content.

What advice would you give to students who want to get involved?

There are various volunteering opportunities at Warwick. Find the ones you are passionate about and join. Don't worry about commitment and time as there are many projects which are flexible. Volunteering also helps your career! Simply
sign up and get started on volunteering for the projects you are interested in!

Name: Ritika Kullen

Year of study: 2nd Year

Subject of study: Accounting and Finance