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*Please note - you need to be signed in to the website to sign up for training*
Safeguarding Essentials course
The course provides you with practical tips for creating a safe, positive environment for children and vulnerable adults.
You can access the Safeguarding Essentials course via this link:
The course will take about an hour in total but you can do it in sections if you prefer. After you have accessed the course for the first time, you will be able to find the link to 'Safeguarding Essentials' on your 'My Moodle' page, or just follow the link again. At the end of the course, there is a short test.
Other training opportunities at the University

We have listed training and workshops regularly delivered by other University services and that we think could help you in your volunteering experience or in your role if you are a Project Leader or member of the Exec, or if you’re thinking about becoming one next academic year.

Student Opportunity: Careers

Please note that these workshops are organised for Undergraduate and Masters Students, but PhD students would be welcome to attend as part of Warwick Volunteers.

Wellbeing Support Services

Open to all students

Student Opportunity: Student Internationalisation

Open to all students