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Kenilworth Phab

Photos taken at Kenilworth Phab meet ups

Photos courtesy of Kenilworth Phab

Brief description

Welcome to the Kenilworth PHAB Project Webpage! If you're looking for a chance to form part of a student team, enhance your volunteering skills or even just make some new friends, then make sure you join the PHAB family. Kenilworth PHAB is a friendly club for disabled and non-disabled adults that meet up on a weekly basis to socialise and have fun by taking part in events and activities such as Bowling, Salsa Dancing, Pub Pool, Drumming, Hoy Bingo, Arts & Crafts, Meals and many more. Read the sections below for more details and contact us to start volunteering right away!

Volunteering Opportunities

Initially, volunteers will be introduced to all the members of Kenilworth PHAB and are encouraged to get to know some of the members by simply being friendly and taking the time to chat. Right from the start, volunteers can aid those members that need assistance by helping them carry out certain activities.

Overtime, volunteers may want to help the project leaders organise a weekly session for PHAB, in particular those that require collaboration with an on-campus society. For example, in the past, the University and Kenilworth PHAB have together arranged Salsa Dancing, Drumming and even Illusion Workshops. On 14th October 2020, we had a member from Warwick Magic performed a virtual magic show. It was amazing!

Once volunteers feel more confident and ready, they can choose to become even more involved by perhaps taking on some responsibilities such as helping with the planning and management of the club. But remember, don't feel pressured to go the extra step, all you have to do is turn up to sessions and be friendly and the members will appreciate your presence.

How can you get involved?

If you would like to volunteer please register your interest here.

Our Project Leaders are enthusiastic, friendly and caring individuals that will always be willing to help out!

Location and Travel

Warwick Volunteers will usually meet up on Wednesday's at approximately 19:15pm at the car park 8A (outside old sports centre). We will travel together either by minibus or taxi to Warwick, Leamington, Coventry or Kenilworth depending on where the PHAB session is held. All travel costs are reimbursed. This also applies for transport back to Campus. Please note that if you live off-campus and would rather travel by bus on your own accord to the location, your travel cost can still be reimbursed as long as you keep your bus ticket/receipt.

However, due to the pandemic, face-to-face meetings are temporarily stopped. We're completely virtual and our events are held via zoom at 20:00pm every Wednesday.

Kenilworth PHAB plans its activities some months in advance giving volunteers the opportunity to pick and choose which sessions to attend.

Time Commitment and Skills Required

Sessions run practically every Wednesday between 8:00pm and 9:00pm unless otherwise informed by the project leaders. Volunteering is flexible though meaning you are not in any way required to attend all sessions, just make sure you fill out a sign-up form for the weeks you do intend to participate in. Nevertheless, we do recommend volunteers to try and make a regular commitment to the club so that you can really get to know the members.

No previous experience is required. All we ask is that you are friendly, enthusiastic and willing to chat. If you be yourself and come to sessions with a positive attitude there is no doubt the members will take a liking to you.

Why should you get involved?

As a volunteer you are immediately welcomed as a member of the club. It is an opportunity to get to know the area around the university and contribute to the local community. This is a relaxed and friendly way to volunteer, being out with friends and having fun, all whilst making a real contribution to local people. By dedicating a little time to understanding the needs and enhancing the lives of others, you may find that they make a difference in and enhance your own. Kenilworth PHAB's members always appreciate the presence and help of students. It's likely that you will start off by attending sessions as a volunteer, and will eventually end up attending sessions as a friend who just wants to meet up with their other friends amongst the PHAB family.

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