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STAR Conversation Club at CMRC – Term 2 Week 3 Wednesday (Women) Session (25/1/17)

STAR Conversation Club at CMRC – Term 2 Week 3 (25/1/17)

So this was our first women’s session, and while there were only about six of us and four participants, it was a really enjoyable time for all of us.

Before we got into the session, we started out with a warmer to get to know each other a little more where we sat in a circle and had each person come to the centre and introduce themselves by their names and mime an activity they like for everyone else to guess. It was a great and light-hearted way for everyone to get to know each other and it helped some of the participants learn how to express some of their hobbies.

We then went on to split into two groups, with two participants at each table with two or three volunteers with them. On two large posters, each group started to brainstorm on ideas and themes that the participants wanted the following sessions to focus on.

During the brainstorming sessions, the participants and volunteers could talk to each more and get to know each other even further. Through these conversations, we were able to come up with more ideas this way. We also encouraged the participants to write on the brainstorm themselves and taught them a few new words.

We then had a short break with refreshments where we had some informal conversations together as a large group. As some of the participants had expressed a love for cooking throughout the session up to this point, at one point we started to talk about Syrian food in comparison to English food, as well as different shops and supermarkets in Coventry.

After this, we went back to brainstorming a little bit more. Then, two members of each group, one participant and one volunteer, presented their poster to the rest of the group on the ideas that we came up with. We found that most of the ideas were actually very similar, if not the same. We came up with many different themes including cooking, transport, sewing, countries and finding jobs.

At the end of the session, we had a feedback session at the end, where all the participants expressed their gratitude. One had even asked if the volunteers could talk more in English to them so they could practice listening English as well as talking.

The session in general was successful. It was also quite easy to manage as there were only four participants which allowed us to focus on each of them more and make sure everyone was included in the discussions, and they seemed eager to come again and learn more in the next sessions.

Written by Rana Younis (Warwick STAR Conversation Club Coordinator)

Mon 30 Jan 2017, 10:23