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STAR Conversation Club at CRMC - Term 2 Week 3 Thursday Session (26/1/17)

Around 20 participants came to the conversation club session on Thursday this week. The session included four activities and a warm-up exercise. 5 volunteers joined us from Warwick University.

We started with a game where we were supposed to associate every letter in our name with an adjective starting with that letter. This not only increased familiarity among participants and the volunteers who attended, but it also stimulated their creativity and created a friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere in the room.

Following that, we continued with other activities that were focused on a theme on transport and travelling. The aim of the first two exercises was to learn some words and expressions related to the theme and how to construct questions.

After that, in the third activity, everyone got a paper with questions on a video about a tourist in London. This activity did not only teach relevant vocabulary to the theme but it was also a very good exercise for listening comprehension and the participants seemed to enjoy it a lot.

In the last activity, they were grouped in pairs and got to prepare a dialogue for a role-play where they were to imagine taking a friend on a tour around Coventry. This gave them a chance to demonstrate what they had learnt in the previous activities and be creative with it. Everyone seemed to really like this exercise and were comfortable enough to perform.

The activities gave volunteers and participants a great opportunity to interact and learn from each other. In-between the activities we had a break with refreshments which made room for casual conversation and a chance for participants to ask any further questions related to the material we were working with.

Finally, we had a few minutes for feedback where the participants expressed a great satisfaction and appreciation of the sessions and how the relaxed environment gives them confidence to learn and participate. However, we later discussed the need to divide the participants according to their different levels of proficiency in the language in order to enhance their learning.

In conclusion, the session was very successful and both participants and volunteers had a great chance to communicate and learn from each other through the activities. Overall, the participants seemed very enthusiastic to learn more and we hope to be able to cater to everyone by dividing the group to maximize participants’ learning.

Written by Alexandra Salib (Warwick STAR Conversation Club Coordinator)

Mon 30 Jan 2017, 10:25