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STAR Conversation Club at CRMC - Term 2 Week 7 Wednesday Session (22/2/17)

Our fourth women’s session had 6 participants attending and 5 volunteers. The theme for this week was transportation. The warmer involved a worksheet with questions about transportation. There were blank spaces that we got the participants to fill out from a list of words, before we went round and asked each other the questions on the sheet and wrote down the answers.

We then went into our first activity. It was a visual and audio one where we got the participants to watch a video about transportation, which involved two siblings taking their friend around London who was a tourist. The first time we watched the video, we opened the discussion with the participants on what they saw in the video relating to transportation. Then we watched it a second time and filled out the worksheet.

We then had a short break with refreshments where we had some informal conversations together as a large group. The participants had yet again brought in food, this time a cheesecake and baklawa, which the volunteers enjoyed a lot.

We had a second video planned but as we were running out of time, we skipped to the third activity, which was a sheet with pictures and statements underneath of the activity in the pictures. There were also some discussion questions at the bottom that we used to create a roleplay with the participants. At the end of the activity we got the participants to practice their roleplay in front of the class.

At the end of the session, we had a feedback session, where the participants had shared the different words they had learned today. We also had one of our volunteers ask them some questions relating to a play she was planning at university. It was yet another successful session.

Written by Rana Younis (Conversation Club Co-Coordinator)

Mon 27 Feb 2017, 10:12