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Exclusive free event for 11-16 year olds

7-9pm Saturday 14th September, University of Warwick, The Oculus

Come along and join us for an unforgettable evening with a unique programme designed by a team of students your age from Finham Park 2. Here are the highlights:

  • Free food and drink - help yourself to snacks throughout the night and watch us make ice cream before your eyes using liquid nitrogen!
  • Drone Racing - try your hand at flying a drone and race round the track with the help of one of our qualified pilots
  • E-sports tournaments - We're running FiFa and Rocket League tournaments throughout the night
  • Challenge the Champions - Medical Mavericks are bringing along speed and reaction testing machines so you can test your sporting skills and prove to your friends who's the fastest of them all
  • Indoor star gazing - Chill out in our indoor planetarium
  • Live Pyrotechnics show - Discover the real science behind on stage explosions and fireworks

To register for this event ask you parent or guardian to complete the booking form below. There are just 200 tickets available for this event, and they're likely to sell out fast! Make sure to register early to avoid disappointment.

Parents/ guardians will need to complete the booking form once per person wishing to attend. We will have a list of attendees names on the door. If your child is not registered they will be not be allowed to attend the event.

Information for parents:

Can I attend with my child?

Unfortunately not, this event is for teens only - however we have asked for the The Dirty Duck (the campus bar) to remain open that evening serving food and drink. You are more than welcome to wait for your child there.

Expected behaviour of your child at this event

It is expected that attendees at this event will arrive for 7pm, and be collected from 9pm. The event is taking place within one of our buildings, and a neighbouring field will host some outdoor activity (weather dependent). Security will be placed at each entrance to the building to ensure attendees cannot leave part way through (unless they are being collected early/ have permission to leave unaccompanied).

Behaviour Policy

All attendees are expected to show respect and follow these rules:


  • Respect all other young people, staff and equipment
  • Do not swear or use offensive language
  • No violence of any nature: verbal or physical

If any of the above rules are broken by a young person then the following sanctions will be enforced:

  • For minor infractions, an initial warning will be given
  • For a major infraction, or a second offence your parent/ guardian will be contacted and asked to collect you from the event.

In addition to these rules, if any attendee is found to be in possession of drugs, alcohol or weapons the police will be contacted immediately.

Do I need to collect my child after the event?

We want to make sure that every attendee gets home safely from this event so ideally would like them to be collected by their parent/ guardian or a trusted adult (e.g. parent of a friend, or an older sibling). We understand however, that for some parents with older children who live locally, you may be happy for your child to make their own way home. Please indicate your preference as part of the booking form below so we know who to let them leave with at the end of the event.

How do I get to the University, and where can I park to drop off/ collect my child?

There is information here on how to travel to the university, including options for public transport. If you do need to drive then the closest car park to the event is Car Park 8. Please park here and walk to The Oculus to drop off/ collect your child. Pulling up on the road outside the event is dangerous and could lead to an accident so we ask you to avoid this.

Who is responsible for my child at this event?

The event is being hosted by the University of Warwick, with various external companies being brought in to provide entertainment for the evening. To ensure your child's safety at this event we will have several designated safeguarding leads, who are appropriately DBS checked and will be positioned around the event to ensure attendees are not left unsupervised, or left alone with adults they don't know.

Contacting the organisers

If you have questions, please email us on We will email all attendees in advance of the event with a contact phone number you can use to reach the organisers on the night in case of emergency. Attendees are also welcome, and encouraged, to bring their own mobile phones to contact you as needed.

This event is now fully booked. There will be no additional tickets available on the door.