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Maddie Moate's Mission to Mars

Great for: 3-7

Pre-Sale Tickets Sold Out - More tickets available from the box office on the daySpace

Bubbles and Balloons

Great for: 5-11

Booking required - Tickets availablePlay it

Maths Madness

Great for: 7+

Outdoor show - no booking requiredPlay it

The Space Shed

Great for: 7+

Outdoor show - no booking requiredSpace

Not the Christmas Lectures

Great for: 7+

Outdoor show - no booking required

SpaceMake itAll about me


Great for: 7+

No booking required Make it

WMG Talks

Great for: 10+

Booking Required - Ticket's availableMake it

Please note all children must be accompanied by a competent adult at all times whilst visiting the Family Day and cannot be left alone in events.

Maddie Moate

SpaceMaddie Moate's Mission to Mars

 10.30-11.15am, 12.00-12.45pm
Arts Centre
Age suitability: 3-7

Calling all budding space explorers!

Maddie is looking for new recruits to join her Astronaut Academy for a one of a kind Mission to Mars! Have you ever wondered how rockets work? How space suits are made or what space smells like?! Children’s television presenter Maddie Moate will take you on a journey through the solar system, equipped with special cameras and science demos! 

Ticket required. Booking has now SOLD OUT for this event, however some tickets will be available on the day for this event. Please visit the Family Day Box Office when you arrive to enquire about tickets.

Play it

Bubbles and Balloons

 11.30am-12.30pm, 1.00-2.00pm, 3.00-4.00pm
Free, book here
Age suitability: 5+

Can you catch a bubble? Make it last forever or make it square? Can you stick a pin in a balloon or turn it into a helicopter? Explore the best bits of bubbles and balloons with Science Made Simple. From blowing them up to bursting them and all the amazing things you can do in between. 

Ticket required. Book here or book on campus when you arrive.

Play it

Maths Madness

 11.30am-12.15pm, 2.00-2.45pm
Free, drop-in
Age suitability:

Are you ready for some maths madness? Join maths teacher and folk singer Kyle Evans for an action-packed show featuring the T-shirts of Hanoi, a fiibonacci folk song, the paper folding world championships and an attempt to fit the world’s entire rice output on to a giant chessboard (this part isn’t always successful).

No booking required

Kyle evans performing


The Space Shed

In 2010, Jon Spooner accidentally set up his own space agency, based out of the shed at the bottom of his garden. Since then, the Unlimited Space Agency (UNSA) has recruited thousands of Agents and the British astronaut Tim Peake as our patron. Jon and his extraordinary guests are landing the Space Shed on the Warwick campus for an intergalactic storytelling experience.

11.00am - 4.45pm (See individual show times below)
Oculus Field
Free, drop-inPicture of the space shedAge suitability: 7+

11.00-11:45am How to Save the Planet

12:30-1:15pm Scientist Conversation

2:30-3:15pm How I Hacked My Way into Space

4.00-4:45pm Scientist Conversation

No booking required


Not the Christmas Lectures

Free, drop in
Age suitability: 7+

Every year Warwick hosts a much-loved series of Christmas Lectures which aim to inspire children about science and engineering. We’re bringing the highlights to the heart of the festival on the Piazza.

View the full schedule here

No booking requiredAll about meMake itSpace

Make itMineventionMinevention logo

Free, drop in
Age suitability: 7+

Join MineVention for PC Minecraft tournaments throughout the day. Take part in Minecraft quizzes, Xbox build battle competitions and short talks. Meet and hear from an official Minecraft Global Mentor and get their top tips for your next creation. Activities are on a rolling schedule throughout the day so just turn up and leave as suits your schedule.

No booking required

Make itWMG Talks

 11am-12pm, 2-3pm
Free, Book here
Age suitability: 10+

Come and find out more about WMG research and how it is shaping our future. Inspired by TEDx talks, WMG Talks is a series of 10 minute talks by researchers and engineers at WMG, where they describe their research for the general public. Based on research evidence, and cutting through the media hype, they will provide a true reflection of current and future technology trends. These are suitable for a general and family audience. Talks are given on a range of topics: From your phone’s battery to your future electric selfdriving cars, from nano-materials to mammoth manufacturing robots.

Ticket required. Book here or book on campus when you arrive.

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