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The Study Café

The Study Café

The Study Café is a programme delivered by the Arts Faculty that provides a space where students can write, read, and work on their assessments and research projects in a supportive environment. The programme is mainly delivered in-person (with online joining also available). We provide free hot drinks and refreshments during the session.

The Study Café takes place every Wednesday 2:00-5:00 pm in FAB M0.02 — no need to book, just drop in!

If you'd like to join us online and have the opportunity to chat with an academic tutor, you can join our MS Teams event at the same time. To receive the link, please contact the Directors of Student Experience and Progression.

At each Study Café an academic tutor will be on site to provide support and guidance with assessments, read excerpts of your work, help you to understand feedback, and be a mock audience for presentations. You can also find out where to go for more specialist support, such as academic writing, digital proficiency or employability skills.

It is not necessary to book in advance and you can 'drop in' to the programme on the day. Everyone is welcome to join!

How does it work?

The programme exists to provide motivation and wellbeing whilst you are completing your academic work. The knowledge that others are working towards their goals whilst you are doing the same thing creates a sense of community which makes it easier for you to meet your targets in a timely manner, and makes the experience of doing so more pleasurable. The programme also embeds checkpoints in your day which allow you to stay on track whilst also ensuring you take regular breaks. Furthermore, if you get stuck or want to reflect on your work there is an academic on-hand to talk through your approaches with that day.

Should you attend?

The Study Café is open to all UG and PG students. Anyone can attend and benefit from the programme.

The sessions are particularly recommended to:

  • students who struggle to focus on their work for extended periods
  • students who would like to discuss their work with an academic in real time
  • students who would like feedback on a project or presentation from someone disassociated with their course or department
  • students seeking a sense of community while they work
What will you get out of the Study Café Programme?
  • it provides dedicated time for working on course work and assessment
  • it creates opportunities for planning and developing work
  • access to real-time consultation with an academic tutor to provide support
  • feedback opportunities from the academic tutor
  • support from fellow students and the student learning community
  • guaranteed access to a quiet work space
  • the opportunity to make friends
  • free food and drink

What you will need?

  • a clear goal for the session – what are you working on and what do you want to achieve by the end of the session (eg. write a report, plan an essay, finish some reading, making a revision plan)
  • any equipment or materials you might need – computer, tablet, writing materials, books etc.
  • anything you want the tutor to look over for feedback and comment
  • it is not necessary to book, but if you know in advance that you will be attending then indicating your intention to attend helps the organisers to plan the day, and maximises your opportunity to be able to speak to the on-hand academic (you can do this on Teams - see top of page)..

What students have said about the Study Café:

  • It 'really helped me. I had gotten myself worked up so much about my dissertation literature review, that I gave myself writer's block. I needed that push to just get something down, to make a start... I am now literally halfway through my 1st draft of my literature review!'
  • 'Loved the ability to get feedback on work. Love the location and the ability to discuss with fellow students of similar disciplines about their work. The food and hot drinks and fruit'.
  • 'The supportive environment and the access to coffee'
  • 'Interactive with students and professors'
  • 'the fact that people are there for the same reason that I am, and that if you need help, there is always someone who listens to you'