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Staff Research

Our research

The staff of our department study art and architecture ranging from Medieval Europe, to the Contemporary global context. Alongside our output of publications, we share a conviction that research is most rewarding when implemented in exhibitions, symposia, conferences or criticism.

Jenny Alexander
Dr Jenny Alexander:Publications

Medieval Art and Architecture especially the study of medieval and early modern buildings, their construction and use.

louise_bourdua_80.jpgProf Louise Bourdua:Publications

Artistic patronage, religious orders and intersections between the Veneto and Northern Europe in the later middle ages and Renaissance.

rosie_dias_80.jpgDr Rosie Dias

Eighteenth and early nineteenth-century British art and visual culture; colonial art, particularly in India; British artists in Venice.

michael_hatt_80.jpgProf Michael Hatt
Nineteenth-century Danish art and culture; British and American Art in the 19th and 20th centuries; Visual Culture with a particular interest in gender and sexuality, and in questions of visual racism; the history of art history.
lorenzo_pericolo_80.jpgProf Lorenzo Pericolo:Publications

Early modern religious art, Renaissance and Baroque art and theory, the influences and cross-fertilizations between the artistic centres of early modern Europe

Dr Otto Suamarez SmithDr Otto Saumarez Smith
The profound changes that happened to the state and society in modern Britain viewed through the lens of the built environment.
paul_smith_80.jpgProf Paul Smith: Publications  Projects
Later nineteenth-century French painting, and its links with art theory, criticism, and literature. Also; theory and philosophy of art: Wittgenstein’s aesthetics; Adrian Stokes and Richard Wollheim; art and visual perception; colour.
giorgi_tagliaferro_80.jpgDr Giorgio Tagliaferro:Publications

Images and the story of their production, reception and impact on the formation of cultural identities within specific contexts, especially in Renaissance and Early Modern Europe.

ProfileDr Naomi Vogt

20th and 21st century visual culture; moving image within history; documentary practices; the post-internet; video installation; rituals; the circulation of tropes and iconographies; art and knowledge.

Dr Sarah Walford

The life and career of Coventry's first City Architect, Sir Donald Gibson, and Coventry's pioneering role in post-war public sector architecture.

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