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Past Events
  • Exploring Lectures in a Digital Age. 26 Sep 2019 11-12. Collaboration Area, Teaching Grid, Main Library

This session will explore how digital technology has changed what is possible to do with and in lectures. It will consider the controversial issue of whether the traditional lecture still has a place in University Education and new approaches like Flipped Classroom. It will also look at what the purpose of the lecture is in a digital age.

Technology Enhanced Learning Forum Arts Faculty takeover! I Tuesday 26th March 2019 11-1pm, Teaching Grid, Floor 2, Main Library. The full agenda can be found here


Teresa MacKinnon (SMLC) - Digital teaching and learning in language teaching
Jonathan Davies (History) - Digital humanities research project/assessment
Sarah Richardson (History) - Audio feedback
Laura Waller (Library) - Digital student support and accessibility tools
Kathryn Woods (Arts Faculty) - The Digital Arts Lab