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Theatre Electric by MBD

Open to all Warwick staff and students. FULLY BOOKED!

Explore the pinnacle of immersive storytelling with Theatre Electric, our most immersive VR show designed for an unparalleled co-location VR experience. As our most advanced and engaging virtual reality production, Theatre Electric accommodates groups of 6, allowing participants to share the same space and narrative journey while interacting with each other.

Theatre Electric takes players on a journey through a dystopian future where humanity has destroyed the world through apathy and ignorance. Theatre Electric promises a unique and thrilling adventure that will challenge players' perspectives on the world and their own actions.

Through a combination of cutting-edge VR technology and interactive storytelling, players explore this world and uncover the truth about the events that led to its downfall. Theatre Electric promises to be a memorable experience for all ages. Whether you're a VR enthusiast, a theatre-goer or simply looking for a new and exciting way to escape reality, Theatre Electric has something for everyone.