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Warwick University VR Club

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About the club

We usually meet between 5 and 6pm on Mondays in term time in FAB1.63 (Media Symposium Space). See the events list for details).

Based in the Arts Faculty at Warwick University, the club exists to promote the use and creation of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences (immersive digital experiences). Our first goal is to give as many people as possible a chance to find out what immersive digital is like and what it can be used for. This is for everyone at the Uni and beyond (we run public events). There are lots of possibilities. Come to the club and explore them with us. See the list of equipment to find out what we have got. You can design and run your own event with us, using VR in the FAB Media Symposium Space.

Dr Robert O'Toole making art in Tilt Brush


We are currently exploring creative, artistic, social, and socially-transformative uses of VR, but welcome any ideas for new experiences to evaluate. We also have some apps that are just fun (Beat SaberLink opens in a new window dance-exercise). Here's some examples:

TiltBrushLink opens in a new window (image left) - a sophisticated art application used by artistsLink opens in a new window to create amazing 3D art (also fun for beginners). We are also experimenting with the multi-user version MultiBrush.

VirtuosoLink opens in a new window - select a set of musical instruments, arrange them in your space, play them, record sequences, play over the top of the sequences to create music.

Safer Street VRLink opens in a new window - designed to be watched by men, be a part of VR conversations, recorded in real life by women, to learn about the terrible impacts of misogyny. Designed by Limina Immersive (with Warwick alumnus Catherine Allen directing), the films use the latest in deep immersive technology and techniques to put the viewer into the emotional power of the conversation.

Historical experiences: Easter Rising Voice of a RebelLink opens in a new window (produced by Catherine Allen for the BBC); Empire SoldiersLink opens in a new window (by award winning Leicester based company MBDLink opens in a new window).


This calendar's schedule is empty.

Past events:

Turing Institute VR/AI convergence conference, 28th March 2023.

Slice of Science outreach event, 12th March 2023.

IAS Salon: metaverse, ethics, community values 22nd July 2023.


12 x Oculus Quest VR headset - a fully untethered room-scale VR experience. Watch this demo.

1 x Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

16 x Oculus Go VR headset - designed for seated/stationary use.

1 x Oculus Rift S - high quality tethered headset (note that we do not have a PC for use with this).

2 x Insta360 video camera - shoot good quality footage to be viewed in VR or in a web browser.

Physical Spaces

Sessions usually run in the Media Symposium SpaceLink opens in a new window in the FAB at Warwick. This has a large screen onto which VR activity may be streamed from the headset.