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Welcome to Warwick - Information for New Undergraduates 2021/22

This information is relevant for students joining the department in September 2021. We look forward to welcoming you to the department! 

English at Warwick

You have been accepted to the English Department to read one of the following degrees - Q300 English Literature, QW34 English and Theatre Studies or VQ32 English and History.

The Department also participates in several joint degrees administered in other departments: English and Creative Writing, English and French; English and Hispanic Studies; English and German; English and Italian; English and Latin; Film and Literature; Philosophy and Literature; Philosophy, Literature and Classics; English and Classics; and modules as part of the Liberal Arts English Pathway, or Centre for Lifelong Learning. If any of these apply to you, please click on the "Joint honours" tab above for further information.

If you are a Visiting Student from another University the information below mostly pertains to you but you should also visit this page.

For Q300, QW34, and VQ32 students, you can familiarise yourself with the structure of your chosen degree programme by following the links above. Whilst the core degrees have much in common, they are individually conceived and structured, and you need to be aware of the degree requirements attached to each of them, if only to avoid confusing your timetable with a fellow student who may be reading a different degree.

Please see here to see a summary of the modules you will study in the first year, along with details of texts to study.

Surviving the First Weeks

First off, you need to survive your first weeks at Warwick. Some students from the Arts Faculty have put together a 'Pre-Arrival Module' which is designed to help you get your bearings; take a look.

There will be a number of Welcome Week events, including induction meetings from the department to all sorts of social events and activities! Just remember that every first-year is feeling as lost and disoriented as you are, and there are plenty of people around in the department to answer questions – not just the academic staff and administrators, but first-year survivors (we call them second- and third-years). Don't be bashful. Ask!

Here's a summary checklist of things you need to do in the first weeks:

1. Enrol 

(This applies to QW34 English Literature & Theatre Studies and VQ32 English & History students only)

3. Attend the 3 English Department Induction Meetings in Welcome Week

4. Attend the Welcome Social

5. Meet your personal tutor (during the first 3 weeks of term)

6. Find the Library

7. Register for your modules (see induction handouts) See HERE for guidance (link will be updated by Welcome Week).

8. Buy your books.

9. Attend the "Hidden Curriculum" talks in week 1

10. Look after your Wellbeing

Finally, if you need help in the first week and your personal tutor isn't available, contact the Undergraduate Office or contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies for first years, Dr Jen Baker (


The Autumn term officially begins on Monday 4th October 2021 (week 1). You should already have enrolled on-line before this date, but if not, please make sure that you do so as soon as possible.

If you have been unable to enrol from home or elsewhere before arrival at the University, you can get access to the internet to enrol from the suite of PCs in the Student Computer Centre. Please see University enrolment information for full details.

All your first-year modules are core ones (meaning you have to take and pass them), but Q300 students can exchange Modern World Literature for a Language module. Click on these links for the information about the outside modules in the Language Centre and SMLC. Someone from those departments will give an overview of this and be available for Q&A in Induction 1.

Course Specific Meetings

QW34 English & Theatre Studies students should attend the following:

The three ECLS Induction Meetings on Teams (Tues 10am, Weds 9.30, Thurs 9.30)
Your own specific course meeting with Dr Matt Franks Wed 29th September, 12pm - 1pm, via MS Teams
You also have an induction meeting with the rest of the Theatre department the same day (Weds) 2 - 3pm.
QW34 are also asked to attend the "Meet Your Mentor" session which is in-person at Warwick Arts Centre, 12.30 - 1.30pm on Thurs 30th Sept.

VQ32 English & History students should attend the following:

The three ECLS Induction Meetings on Teams (Tues 10am, Weds 9.30, Thurs 9.30)
Your own specific course meeting with Dr Stuart Middleton on Thurs 30th September, 11am - 12pm [please note this is the new time] via MS Teams.
You also have an induction meeting with the rest of the History department the same day (Thurs) 3 - 4pm via MS Teams

Mandatory Induction Meetings

All Q300, QW34, and VQ32 students based in the English department are required to attend all Induction meetings which are part of the Welcome Programme and take place Via MS Teams (links are in the event details found on the University central Welcome Programme and your personalised timetable). Visiting Students are also welcome to attend these; other Joint Hons students get their own induction (see tab above):

Induction 1 (Tues 28th Sep, 10am)
Induction 2 (Weds 29th Sep, 9.30am)
Induction 3 (Thurs 30th Sep, 9.30am)

The Bookshop

Course books are available for purchase from Blackwells.
All course book lists should be available by the beginning of term but you don't need to purchase them all at the same time and you may find specific editions and price comparisons here. Pay attention to whether modules specify certain editions.

There is also a collection of free pre-owned books and journals donated by staff and former students who were keen to pass these on to current undergraduates - especially those who find it challenging to purchase all the required texts. We have a range of books from first and honours years modules, as well as texts that may support your wider reading.

You should check the module reading list by typing in the module code or module name on Talis Aspire to see if the library has hard/e-copies available.

If you have trouble locating a text, inform your module convenor immediately.

Social Announcements

Look out for notices inviting you to join the huge range of the university's social clubs – including the Lit.Soc, Freshblood, and Warwick University Drama Society. Also, come to the English Department's Welcome Social on Wednesday 29th September 2021 starting @ 4pm on campus. More information here

Hidden Curriculum Talks

These talks are part of the Academic Enrichment programme, but are optional, and take place online as meetings in the ECLS FY 2021-22 Teams space - you should have already been added to that space but if not you can add yourself by following the link to the Teams, selecting the ellipses next to the Teams title, and adding.

  • SESSION 1: (1 hour online) MONDAY 4th October 2-3pm, "Navigating enrolment, digital spaces and organisation"

This session will provide and introduction and overview to various online systems we use: such as Tabula/Moodle/sitebuilder/Teams/TalisAspire/Stream/outlook and how to use them effectively. I will also cover aspects such as finding staff profiles, a reminder of the UG handbook and what is in it, tips for protecting your work, and the UG English Office will be on hand to help with any enrolment or administrative queries.

  • SESSION 2: (1 hour online) MONDAY 4th October 3-4pm, "Academics, Lectures, Seminars, Tutorials - what they are and how to use them"

In this session I will cover aspects such as what an Academic does and how to use them; what a lecture is and how to use them effectively for class and for essays; what a seminar is and how to prepare for it and what to do when you get there; using Office Hours, using your Personal Tutor effectively.

  • SESSION 3: (1 hour online) FRIDAY 8th October 11-12pm "Resources and Time Management"

In part 1 of this session, Kate Courage from the Library and some of our ECLS Student Library Associates will talk you through spaces and methods of working in the library, tips for resource finding.
In part 2 we will look at managing your Time(table) effectively by going through the syllabi and deadlines to get you ready for term 1. You will need to come with a paper-diary/wall-chart, phone/email calendar (whatever you prefer to use)


Your wellbeing is supported by the university and the department throughout your time at Warwick. See HERE.