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Previous Conferences & Workshops

2013 - 2014


Made Up People

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Labelling and the Construction of People in Post-War History

25th October 2013

‘Situating Medicine: New Directions’ Conference

5-6th June 2014

‘Situating Medicine: New Directions’ will interrogate the power of current medical, socio-cultural, political, and economic developments as intellectual springboards for historical investigation. Drawing on British, European and South Asian history, the conference will also examine and compare how medicine is changed in theory and in practice as it moves from one environment to another, between institutional sites, and in global, national and local contexts. ‘Situating Medicine: New Directions’ will highlight critical reflections on the rapid rise of the history of medicine as an academic discipline, and address its relationship and synergies with the medical humanities.



'Health and Human Rights in a Global Perspective'
Thursday 15th May 2014, 10am-5pm

Day conference, convened by Dr Claudia Stein. A joint event with the Global History and Culture Centre.

Speakers include Sharifah Sekalala (University of Warwick), Thomas Rath (UCL), Jonathan Toms (University of East Anglia), Timothy Hildebrandt (LSE). Programme(Word Document)

2012 - 2013

Scientiae 2013:Disciplines of Knowing in the Early Modern World

Organised by David Beck


IDEA Symposium:

From Research to Action

Improving the Delivery of Ethnically Appropriate Research, Services and Policy

Convened by Dr Roberta Bivins



Critical Entanglements:(PDF Document)

Histories and cultures of Global Health

Collaborative - Convened by Dr Howard Chiang




Science, technology and medicine in India, 1930-2000: The Problem of Poverty


Interdisciplinary Researcher Workshop


Centre of the History of Medicine, Department of Classics and Ancient History, and the Department of History.

Guest Speaker - Honorary Professor Vivian Nutton 




What is old age? New Perspectives from the Humanities

Organised by Emily Andrews (PhD)


Professor Oliver Sacks


An exclusive screening of the 1974 Yorkshire Television documentary ‘Awakenings’, exploring the remarkable experiences of a group of encephalitic patients who ‘slept’ from the 1920s until they were re-awakened with L-DOPA therapy by Oliver Sacks in 1969.

Professor Sacks introduced the documentary and led a post screening discussion.


Light Technologies: the Materialisation of Light Therapeutics, c.1890 to the Present

Convened by Dr Tania Woloshyn

 2011 - 2012


Being Human: Medicine and the Human Sciences

Seminar: Prof. Peter Sahlins - 'A Story of Three Chameleons: The Animal Between Science and Literature in the Age of Louis XIV’ - Abstract on Being Human website

Symposium - The Human Animal

Followed by Panel at WAC 'Kafka's Monkey' Theatre Production


Histories of Medicine in the Household

Anglo-Dutch-German Workshop

Dr Roberta Bivins (Warwick), Professor Hilary Marland (Warwick), Professor Robert Jütte (Instituts für Geschichte der Medizin der Robert Bosch Stiftung), Professor Frank Huisman (University of Utrecht)



Understanding Parenting: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Convened by Dr Angela Davis and Dr Laura King



Looking Back: 'Post-Feminism' History, Narrative

Convened by Dr Katherine Angel


bshs_logo.gifPostgraduate Conference

University of Warwick


The New Vesalius

Honorary Professor Vivian Nutton


 Science, technology and medicine in India, 1930-2000: The Problem of Poverty 


Being Human: Medicine and the Human Sciences

Seminar: Prof. Alan Winfield - Where is Robotics Going

Symposium - Being Human in the Digital Age 


Wellcome Trust Visit


2010 - 2011
‘Health, Illness and Ethnicity: Migration, Discrimination and Social Dislocation’  

 David Arnold

The Problem of Power

NeuroscienceDeep History: Neuroscience and History Writing Professor Daniel Smail (History/Harvard)
University of Warwick IAS Further Information  


IAS Visiting Fellow: Dr Roger Smith (University of Moscow) University of Warwick

Further Information



'Aping Mankind: Neuromania and Darwinitis'

Professor Raymond Tallis
 sh.jpg Science, technology and medicine in India, 1930-2000: The Problem of Poverty


Migration, Mental Illness and the Management of Asylum Populations’

The History of Mental Health Policy and Practice in Post-War Britain


Wellcome Trust - London


Wellcome Trust Visit

Writing Wrongs Colloquium

History & Social Justice (Word Document)



The Therapeutic Community, the Archive and Historical Research


Cataloguing and Indexing Manuscript Recipe Collections


The Making of Early Modern Scientific Knowledge: Objects, Spaces, Practices and Epistemologies


Situating the Subaltern in South Asian Medical History

Half-Past: Writing Recent History


A Very Peculiar Practice - Andrew Davies 



Signalling Sound



The Commercialization of Local Knowledge
Bodily States in South Asia: Contemporary Histories 
Reading and Writing Recipe Books: 1600-1800 

Summer History of Medicine Summer School

Advice to Mothers
The Question of 'Waste' in the History of Medicine
 The Medical Marketplace and Medical Tradition: Interfaces between Orthodox, Alternative and Folk Practice in the 19th and 20th Centuries 
RegimesRegimens of Health: Perceptions, Representations and Practices, 1880-1950
End of Life Care: Historical Approaches
Classicism and Traditionalism in Medical Systems
Kill or Cure: Water and Health in the Nineteenth Century
Healing, Medical Power and the Poor in Tribal India
Health, Governance and the Global: Cultural Histories and Contemporary Practices
ApproachesApproaches to the History of Medicine: Discussing Methodology
BedlamismPsychiatric Science and Lay Perspectives
SSHM Annual Conference 2006: Practices and Representations of Health: Historical Perspectives
Beyond the Politics of Motherhood? Women's Health and Bodies 1890-1930
Courting Nature: Medicine, Natural Philosophy and Politics at Early Modern European Courts
IrishThe Practices and Cultures of Care in Irish Medical History
CorpCorporealities: The Contested Body in 19th and 20th Century Medical Photography and Illustration
water60%: Water and the Body
health workHealth, Work and Masculinity, c.1800-1950
SexHow Can You Tell?: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sex Difference
EthicsEthics, History and Mental Disorder
elitesMedical Elites and Medical Practice in Renaissance and Early Modern Italy

Data Protection: Archivists, Historians and Researching Twentieth-Century History

Patients' Body Perceptions

Med VL

Medicine and the Media in Late Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Britain


 med angel

The Female Touch: Women, Health and Society, 1890-1930

Race and Ethnicity in the Early Modern Atlantic World, 1500-1800
31 August - 1 September 2002
University of Warwick

Medical Missions in Asia and Africa
31 May - 1 June 2002
University of Warwick

Women and Charity in the United States and Britain
18 May 2002
University of Warwick


public faceThe Public Face of Mental Illness

Secret Bodies: Medical Knowledge and Early Modern Women
15 July 2000
University of Warwick

Child Health and National Fitness
9-11 July 1999
University of Warwick