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Regimens of Health: Programme

Thursday, 13 December

Registration and Buffet Lunch (Graduate Space)

Keynote speaker
Chris Lawrence (UCL)
From mens sana in corpore sano to the couch potato


Session I: Health Regimes
Hilary Marland (Warwick)
'The Quality of Our Girl-life’: Health and the Schoolgirl in the Late-Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth Centuries

Neil Carter (DeMontfort) 
Staying Healthy to Win: The Training of Professional Footballers

Drinks (Arts Centre)

Dinner (Kenilworth Restaurant)

Friday, 14 December

Session II: Alternatives to Bacteriological Medicine
Ian Miller
The Unhealthy British Stomach c.1880-1950

Evert Peeters (Leuven)
Nature’s Bodies and Science’s Laboratories: Vegetarianism and Health Promotion in the Fin-de-Siècle

Coffee Break

Session III: Parents’ Advice Literature
Angela Davis (Warwick) 
‘The Natural Approach to Happy Motherhood’: Grantly Dick-Read, Natural Childbirth and Antenatal Education, c. 1930-1950

Anne Borsay (Swansea)
Advice for Parents: The Prevention and Management of Disability, c.1900 – 1960

Lunch (EAT, Arts Centre)

Session IV: Society, Culture and Health
Vladimir Jancovic (Manchester) 
Flannel Next the Skin: British Medicine and the Non-necessaries, c.1800

Vanessa Heggie (Manchester) 
The History of Sports Medicine in Twentieth-Century Britain