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Archived Seminars

2013 - 2014 Spring Term


Dr Anna Maerker (KCL)

'Model factories, social improvement and voice in nineteenth-century France'


Dr Shane Doyle (University of Leeds)

'The prehistory of HIV in East Africa'


Dr Claire Shaw (University of Bristol) 'We Do Our Deeds in Silence, and Our Deeds Speak for Us': Language and the Negotiation of Deaf Identity in Soviet Russia

2013 - 2014 Autumn Term
title_ldv__mechanics_man.jpg Professor Peter Abrahams (Warwick Medical School) 'Leonardo da Vinci: A 15th Century Anatomist whose Conceptual Ideas anticipated 21st century radiology?'

 cartoon father in delivery suite

Professor Linda Bryder (University of Auckland)

'Fathers and Childbirth'



Dr Vivienne Lo (UCL)

'Recipes for Love in the Ancient World'

2012-2013 Summer Term

MJ Seminar'Marian Dale Scott, Hans Selye and the biochemistry of life' (PDF Document) Professor Mark Jackson (University of Exeter)

LM SeminarSituating Medicine in Visual Culture (PDF Document) Professor Ludmilla Jordanova(Kings College London)


2012-2013 Spring Term
blood.jpg'White Coats and No Trousers: Situating Women in the Laboratory' (PDF Document) Professor Tilli Tansey (Queen Mary University of London) RW'Translating history into practice: from physician-centred to patient-centred medicine' (PDF Document)Dr Rupert Whitaker(Founder and Chairman of the Tuke Institute, Co-founder of the Terrence Higgins Trust & Honorary Fellow of Warwick CHM) CP"Cats robbed him of his wealth, his health and his reason": The wild and tranquil geographies of animals and madness (PDF Document) Professor Chris Philo(School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow)

2012-2013 Autumn Term
HR SeminarGoing Forth and Multiplying: Animal Acclimatization and Invasion in the 19th Century (PDF Document)Professor Harriet Ritvo(Arthur J. Conner Professor of History at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) DH Sem
Medical Marginality in South Asia (PDF Document)Professor David Hardiman(Warwick)
CA SemThe Making of an Eclectic Archive: epistemologies of global knowledge in the papers of J.P. Walker (1823-1906) (PDF Document)Professor Clare Anderson(School of Historical Studies, University of Leicester)  
2011-2012 Summer Term
Lewes‘George Henry Lewes (1817-1878): Embodied Cognition, Vitalist Materialism and Symbolic Perception’ (PDF Document) Dr Elfed Huw Price (Associate Member of the CHM) Wakefield 'Bodily Concerns: Disease and Public Health in Wakefield Asylum, 1832 – 1930' (PDF Document) Dr Claire Jones (Director of the Museum of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Leeds)    
2011-2012 Spring Term
'Bonding through spectatorship: Ultrasound Imaging and Maternal-Fetal Attachment' (PDF Document) Dr Julie Roberts (Warwick Medical School) Worm A Natural Philosopher in Action: The many faces of an Early Modern Professor of Medicine: the Case of the Ole Worm (1588-1654) (PDF Document) Dr Ole Peter Grell (Open University, History Department) Satan A Life Between Mystical Experience and Mental Illness: the Textile Worker, Capuchin and Lamplighter Jacob Gruber (1874-1954) (PDF Document) Dr Karl Borromäus Murr (Director, Staatliches Textil- und Industriemuseum Augsburg) ''Patient Zero'': The Legacies of an Influential HIV/AIDS Origin Myth (PDF Document) Dr Richard McKay (History Department, Kings College London)
2011 - 2012 Autumn Term
'Agonism and Emulation: Medical Student Cultures in C18th. Edinburgh' (Word Document) Accompanying Paper Dr John Christie (Associate Member of CHM, Oxford) Pormann ‘Ibn Serapion (9th cent.): A Physician at the Crossroads between East and West’ (PDF Document) Dr Peter E. Pormann (Warwick) 'Why the History of the Human Sciences Matters to Medicine' (PDF Document) Dr Roger Smith (IAS Visiting Fellow - Moscow)  
2010 - 2011 Spring/Summer Term
soldier.jpg The Framework of Casualty Care during the Anglo- Dutch Wars (PDF Document) Matthew Neufeld, (University of Warwick) picture.jpg Natural Enemy or Natural Ally? Medical Assessments of French Militarized Environments, 1857-2005 (PDF Document) Chris Pearson, (University of Warwick) Revolving hat The Disappearing Hearing Aid: Spatiality in the History of the Management and Meaning of Hearing Loss. (PDF Document) Graeme Gooday, (University of Leeds) and Karen Sayer, (Leeds Trinity University College  
2010 - 2011 Autumn Term
trankebar1730.jpg Making it in Tranquebar: Science, Medicine and the Circulation of Knowledge in the Danish-Halle Mission, ca. 1732-43 (PDF Document) Niklas Thode Jensen, (European University Institute, Florence, Italy) Tim Seminar Savannah’s Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1854’ (PDF Document) Tim Lockley (Warwick) nibandh_mala_cover2_copy.jpg "Race, Religion, Nation and Gender: A nineteenth century Indian woman's treatise and the dominant themes of modern Indian history" (PDF Document) Padma Anagol, (Cardiff University School of History, Archaeology and Religion)  
2009-2010 Summer Term
Bruised Witness: Bernard Spilsbury and the performance of twentieth-century forensic expertise Dr Ian Burney & Dr Neil Pemberton (CHSTM Mancherster)

The Private Life of Public Health: East India Company Surgeons, Medicine and the Domestic Sphere, c. 1750-1850 Professor Margot Finn (Warwick)
2009-2010 Spring Term
Hookworm Hookworm and the Imaginery in Early Public Health Campaigns Prof Lenore Manderson (Monash)
Good Doctors, Bad Blood: Immigrants, Anaemias, and Genetic Medicine Dr Roberta Bivins (Warwick)
Epidemic Encephalitis and the Making of the Biomedical Brain Dr Kenton Kroker (Toronto)

Scientific playfulness in anatomist Thomas Bartholin's (1616-1680) studies of products of generation Ms Signe Nipper Nielsen (Cambridge)
2009-2010 Autumn Term
Jtoms Democracy and Mental Health: An Analysis of an Interwar Experiment and Some Reflections on its Relevance to the History of Psychiatry Dr Jonathan Toms (Warwick)
Vulgar Worlds of Goods or Vulgar Counters? Provincial Apothecaries and the Early Modern Medical Marketplace Alun Withey (Swansea)
LumiereLuminaries of Fin-de-siècle France: Aesthetic, Scientific and Medical Cultures of Light, c. 1880-1930
Dr Tania Woloshyn (Richmond)
Influenza Uses of a Pandemic: Forging the Identities of “Spanish Flu” and Virus Research in Interwar Britain Dr Michael Bresalier (Bristol)
Innocence Loss of Innocence: The Shaping of Childhood Sexuality around 1900 Dr Lutz Sauerteig (Durham)