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Seminar programme 2003 - 2004


Cultures and Practices of Health - Seminar Programme 2003-2004


5.00pm in the Humanities Building, Room H545

The Centre continued to organise its annual seminar series in 2003-4, this year around the theme of 'Narratives of Health, Fictions of the Body'. We had a very full programme, with eleven sessions in total. All were very well attended by students, colleagues in history and numerous other departments across the university, members of the advisory board and visitors, and this year included a seminar jointly organised with the French Department (Catriona Seth).

In the summer term we were delighted to organise a seminar at which Iain Smith and Elizabeth van Heyningen updated us on the progress of their work on 'Morbidity and Mortality in the Concentration Camps of the South African War (1899-1920)', a research project supported by a Wellcome Trust Project Grant.

On 20 May our visiting scholar David Wright (McMaster University) gave a paper on 'Medical Disaporas and Maple Leafs: the Migration of Physicians to Canada in the Post-World War II Era'. This was followed by a wine tasting to bring our very fertile seminar series to a pleasant conclusion.

Summer Term 2004

Thursday, 6 May (week 3)
Iain Smith (Warwick)
Elizabeth van Heyningen (University of Cape Town)

'Morbidity and Mortality in the Concentration Camps of the South African War (1899-1902)'

Thursday, 20 May (week 5)
David Wright (McMaster University)
'Medical Diasporas and Maple Leafs: the Migration of Physicians to Canada in the Post-WWII Era'

Spring Term 2004

Thursday, 8 January (week 1)
Marsha Henry (University of Bristol)
‘At the Intersections of Impartiality and Intimacy: Immigration Medical Examiners in Canada’

Thursday, 22 January (week 3)
Vicky Long (University of Warwick)
'Laughter is the Best Medicine?: Satire in the Royal Edinburgh Asylum Patient Newspaper'

Thursday, 5 February (week 5)
Rod Edmond (University of Kent)
‘Crossing the Boundary: Traveller-writers and Leper Colonies from Robert Louis Stevenson to Paul Theroux’

Thursday, 19 February (week 7)
William Gallois (SOAS)
‘Competing Narratives of Progress in Nineteenth-century Algerian Medicine’

Thursday, 4 March (week 9)
Catriona Seth (Université de Rouen)
‘A (Small) Pox on Both Your Houses: the Bourbons, the Orleanists and Inoculation in Eighteenth-century France’
(organised with the French Department)

Autumn Term 2003

Thursday, 16 October (Week 3)
Margaret Healy (Sussex University)
'Blood Potency: Menstruation, Medicine and Myth in Early Modern England'

Thursday, 30 October (Week 5)
Rhodri Hayward (Wellcome Centre for the History of Medicine, UCL)
'The Nightingale Silenced: the Poet Margiad Evans and the Struggle for Self'

Thursday, 13 November (Week 7)
Alan Bradley (Warwick University)
'Narratives of Emotional Distress: The Voices of Mental Health Users'

Thursday, 27 November (Week 9)
Laura Marcus (Sussex University)
'Directed Dreaming: Some Literary and Historical Perspectives'