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Seminar programme 2004 - 2005


Cultures and Practices of Health - Seminar Programme 2004-2005


Summer Term 2005

Thursday, 12 May
Javier Moscosco (Philosophy, Universidad de Murcia)
The History of Pain and the Art of Seeing in the Renaissance

Spring Term 2005

Wednesday, 12 January (week 2)
Dan O’Connor (History, Warwick / University of Wisconsin-Madison)
”Wife a Man”: Competing Discourses of Sexual Difference in the April Ashley Divorce Trial

Wednesday, 19 January (week 3)
Mary Fissell (Johns Hopkins)
Making Sense of Bits and Pieces: Reading Vernacular Medicine as Bricolage

Wednesday, 2 February (week 5)
Catherine Cox (History, Warwick)
Following Foucault to Ireland: Historians and the Dangerous Lunatic legislation

Wednesday, 16 February (week 7)
Sunil Amrith (Cambridge)
International Health: With and Without the Body

Wednesday, 2 March (week 9)
Cédric Cremier (Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, and Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine, UCL)
Science at the Museum: The Museum of Obstetrical Anatomy of the Clinique Tarnier

Autumn Term 2004

Wednesday, 13 October (week 3)
David Nye (History, Warwick)
Professor Nye will lead a discussion on selections from Carolyn Thomas de la Peña, The Body Electric: How Strange Machines Built the Modern American (NYU, 2003)

Wednesday, 27 October (week 5)
Anne Crowther (Glasgow)
Surgery and Empire: Lister’s students in imperial service

Wednesday, 10 November (week 7)
Rima Apple (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Training the mother: Early 20th-century infant-care advice in the United States

Wednesday, 24 November (week 9)
Sarah Hodges (History, Warwick)
What's Colonial About Colonial Medicine? Notes on Governmentality and Madras Presidency Lock Hospitals in the Hungry 1870s