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Get Involved

Getting groups involved

Sexual Health Awareness Week is about uniting groups and departments under the multifaceted issue of sexual health.

If you wish to get your department, society, club or group of friends involved - there are several ways in which to do so!

  • You can get in touch straight away by sending an email to sexualhealthawarenessweek at gmail dot com to discuss options
  • You can develop your own event independently and let us know about it (we will document it as part of the week too)
  • You can apply for a small amount of funding from us and we can help get your event together

All you need is enthusiasm and the support of your colleagues, and a good idea of how to link sexual health with your area of expertise!

Getting yourself involved

There are also a number of opportunities for individuals to get involved with the week.

  • As a research student - taking part in our creative research poster competition or by being trained in the practices of oral history and interviewing activists as part of our Recording Histories project
  • As a volunteer steward - at the charity fun run or conference/witness seminar particularly (we'll get you a nice t-shirt for this!)
  • Or by helping out with the general organisation of the week - we'd love your help!

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