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‘Health, Illness and Ethnicity’: Migration, Discrimination and Social Dislocation (Workshop UCD - 10 & 11 June 2011)


Videos may also be viewed via Vimeo:

Professor Alison Bashford (University of Sydney)
Keynote - 'Insanity and Immigration Restriction'.
Dr Krisztina Zimányi (Dublin City University)
‘How do we know how they really feel? Difficulties in Accessing the Views of Immigrant Mental Health Care Service Users in a Community Interpreting Context in Ireland’.
Dr Sinead Donohue (Health Protection Surveillance Centre)
‘Clinical Cultural Competence – A Needs Assessment of Postgraduate Training Requirements for the Medical Profession in Ireland’.
Dr John Odin Jensen (Sea Education Association, Massachusetts)
‘Cultural and Organizational Responses to Immigrant and Transient Illness in the American Midwest: The Case of Buffalo New York, 1825 – 1890’.
Viktoria Zander (Mälardalen University)
‘The Magnitude of Reciprocity in Chronic Pain Management: Experiences of
Dispersed Ethnic Populations of Muslim Women’.
Dr Katherine Foxhall (King's College London)
‘The Travels of Britain’s Colonial Vaccines:
Convicts, Emigrants and Children at Sea (c.1820 – 1850)’.
Anne MacLellan (University College Dublin)
‘Victim or Vector? Tubercular Irish Nurses in Britain 1930-60’.
Dr Roberta Bivins (University of Warwick)
‘Race, Ethnicity and Environment in the Postcolonial Metropole’.
Dr John Welshman (Lancaster University)
‘From the Cycle of Deprivation to Social Exclusion: Ethnicity and Poverty’.
Dr Alan Ingram (University College, London)
‘Epidemic Governmentality: Neoliberalism, Exception and the Management of HIV and AIDS in the UK’.
Professor Marjory Harper (University of Aberdeen)
‘Dysfunction, Detention and Deportation: Hidden Dimensions of Scottish Migration to Canada’.
Dr Catherine Cox, Professor Hilary Marland and Dr Sarah York
(University College Dublin & University of Warwick)
‘Itineraries and Experiences of Insanity: Irish Migration and Mental Illness in Nineteenth Century Lancashire’.