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Previous Research

Sick note Britain

Sick Note Britain: Public and Medical Certification since the Second World War 

Jewish Mothers and Jewish Babies

Jewish Mothers and Jewish Babies

Motherhood in Britain c. 1945-2000

Motherhood in Britain, c. 1945-2000

Being Human

Being Human: Medicine and the Human Sciences 

Ugandan women and babies

Women and the Spread of Biomedical Knowledge in Uganda, 1897-1979  

Healing Cultures

Healing, Cultures, Medicine and the Therapeutic Uses of Water in the English Midlands, 1840-1948

Household medicine

Household Medicine in Early Modern England

Pre-school children

Pre-school Childcare, 1939-2010: Theory, Practice and Experience 


Madness, Migration and the Irish in Lancashire, c.1850-1921

leaflet for Vi-tan tanning machine
Soaking up the Rays: the Reception of Light Therapeutics in Britain, c.1899-1938


The History of Mental Health Care in Post-War Britain

Graphic depicting colourful heads in profile

IDEA: Improving the Delivery of Ethically Appropriate Research, Services and Policy


A Contemporary History of Female Sexual Dysfunction, 1960 to the Present


Blindness, Sound and the Development of Acoustics in Nineteenth-Century France


Everyday Technology in Monsoon Asia, 1880-1960


ESRCHealing Medical Power and the Poor: Contests in Tribal India 


Household Medicine in Early Modern England

last_women.jpg Medical History, Immersive Museum Theatre, and ‘The Last Women’


Medicine at the Baroque Court in Munich, 1600-1750


Motherhood c. 1970-1990. An Oral History


Morbidity Morbidity and Mortality in the Concentration Camps of the South African War (1899-1902)


Pulling the Plug?: An Oral History of Spa Practices and Experiences at the Royal Pump Rooms

Reading for Cures: Texts, Readers and Lay Medical Practice in Early Modern England



Recipes, Remedies, Receipts


Relationship Versus Authority: Psychiatric Social Work, Therapeutic Communities, and the Subjectivity of the Child, c1930 - c1970


The Anxious Object




The Politics and Practices of Health in Work in Britain, 1915-1951


Towards a Pre-History of Palliative Care: A Pilot Study Centred on Medical Education and Practice in Birmingham, c.1930-1970


Women Biochemists, 1906-1939



'Bounding, Saucy Girls’: Health, Adolescence and the Modern Girl in Britain, 1874-1920s 


Landscape of the Child in Post-War Britain

healing.pngHistory of Subaltern Healing in South Asia


Biotrash: Medical Garbage in Chennai, India, 1980-2010

science_med_tech.jpg'Science, technology and medicine in India, 1930-2000: The problem of poverty.'


Galen's Commentaries on Hippocrates' Epidemics