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Histories of Medicine in the Household - ADG Workshop - Conference Videos


Please be advised that these videos are available for download (linked below) for personal view only. Permission to copy or distribute must be obtained from the University of Warwick Centre for the History of Medicine, Department of History.

Our thanks to Black Revolver Films BRFfor production and editing of these videos.


Professor Nancy Tomes

(Department of History, Stony Brook University)

‘Shopping for Health: The Home and the Marketplace in Historical Perspective’

Dr Tinde van Andel

(Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity Naturalis, Section National Herbarium of the Netherlands, Leiden University)

‘The Reinvention of Household Medicine by Enslaved Africans in Suriname’

Dr Elaine Leong

(Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge)

‘Reading Medicine in the Early Modern Household’

Dr Jens Gründler

(Institut für Geschichte der Medizin, Robert Bosch Stiftung)

‘Pauper Lunatics at Home: Familial Handling of the Mentally Ill in Glasgow, 1870-1920’


Dr Katherine Foxhall

(Department of History, King’s College London)

‘Migraine and Medical Domesticity’


Dr James F. Stark

(Centre for the History & Philosophy of Science, Department of Philosophy, University of Leeds)

‘Kills Germs Dead: Chemical Disinfection in British Households, c.1850-1900’


Dr Ulrike Thoms

(Institut für Geschichte der Medizin, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin)

‘Household Medicine and OTC Drugs in the Twentieth Century: The Case of Germany’


Dr Claire Jones

(Museum of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Leeds)

‘Under the Covers? New Approaches to Contraception and the British Household, 1860-1960’


Professor Hilary Marland and Dr Roberta Bivins

(University of Warwick)

‘Weighting for Health: Management, Measurement and Self Surveillance’


PD Dr Karen Nolte

(Institut für Geschichte der Medizin, Universität Würzburg)

‘Competitions in the Care for the Soul at the Deathbed: Physicians, Clergymen, and Nurses in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century’


Dr. phil Marion Baschin

(Institut für Geschichte der Medizin, Robert Bosch Stiftung)

”Globules at Home”: The Tradition of Homeopathic Self-Medication