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IDEA Symposium 2013

From Research to Action

Welcome IDEA members and Symposium guests. We are delighted that you were able to join us for our 2013 Symposium.

The IDEA Symposium offered a venue in which participants:

  • learnr from the experiences of research users from local government, the media, the Third Sector, and industry;
  • evaluated examples of best practice from a wide range of disciplines; and
  • shared their extensive experience of research and practice in addressing questions of ethnicity and health.

After a brief introduction, our day began with a series of short presentations from research users [see Programme for details], demonstrating the benefits of close collaboration between researchers and research users, and discussing strategies overcome the barriers to such collaborations. Each speaker reflected on key issues, tools and strategies for integrating and communicating academic, clinical and social research findings ‘on the ground’ and to a wide variety of audiences, from politicians to patients and their care-givers. For the rest of the day, we built on the insights and evidence generated by our presenters and by a panel of researchers from the clinical and social sciences, humanities and the arts. Lunch and coffee breaks also gave us time to circulate and chat more informally. All participants were encouraged to bring posters and other materials reflecting their own research/practice; which were displayed in key event spaces. The day ended with a general discussion of the points we have considered, and the action-points, translational strategies and examples of best-practice that have emerged.

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Symposium Videos





Supported by Warwick Arts Faculty and the Centre for the History of Medicine's Strategic Award.