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IDEA:Improving the Delivery of Ethnically Appropriate Research, Services and Policy

Convenor: Dr Roberta Bivins

Welcome to IDEA, a trans-disciplinary collaboration dedicated to improving and promoting high quality research on ethnicity and health. IDEA ran a series of workshops to explore key questions in the provision of health services to ethnic minorities here in Britain with experts and experts by experience. Workshop video clips are now online (click the workshop links below), and new material will be added to this site regularly.



idea-symposium-140213-4.jpgSTAGE TWO:

IDEA Symposium

From Research to Action



The Collaboration for Improving the Delivery of Ethnically Appropriate Research, Services and Policy [IDEA, for short] was founded by a group of researchers based at the University of Warwick, Cardiff University and De Montfort University, with experience in studying the impact of ethnicity on health care and health outcomes from a range of disciplinary perspectives. Through our network and workshops, we worked to develop new models for research on key ethnicity-linked issues. We wanted the best research to be widely and immediately accessible to research users: practitioners, policy makers, publishers, funding bodies and affected communities. As a first step towards achieving this goal, IDEA hosted a series of three workshops for researchers and practitioners with experience working with issues related to ethnicity and health. The following year, we hosted our first Symposium to explore strategies and tools for translating research into action through collaboration with the media, policy makers, the Third Sector and communities themselves.

We welcome your comments on our virtual workshops (see links above); where appropriate, such responses will be posted online.

Project Team

Dr Roberta Bivins

Dr Kamila Hawthorne

Professor Mark Johnson

Professor Ala Szczepura

Centre for the History of Medicine

Dept of Primary Care & Public Health

Mary Seacole Research Centre

Warwick Medical School

University of Warwick

Cardiff University School of Medicine

De Montfort University

University of Warwick


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