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Selected Academic Publications

in chronological order, most recent first:


    Marland_Disorder_Contained bennett_capital_punishment_cover.jpg
    Dr Jennifer Crane & Dr Jane Hand (eds) Prof. Hilary Marland Dr Rachel Bennett


cover of Contagious CommunitiesLink opens in a new window

cover Healing with WaterLink opens in a new window

davis_pre-school_childcare.jpgLink opens in a new window

cover of Psychiatry and Chinese HistoryLink opens in a new window

Dr Tania Woloshyn

Prof. Roberta Bivins

Dr Jane Adams

Dr Angela Davis

Dr Howard Chiang (ed)


 cover of Lost Freedom

 cover of Migration, Health and Ethnicity in the Modern WorldLink opens in a new window


 shs_logo.gifLink opens in a new window

Prof. David Hardiman
Prof. Mathew Thomson
Prof. Hilary Marland
and Dr Catherine Cox (eds)
Dr Angela Davis Dr Tania Woloshyn
 HM Book altmedpic.jpg negotiating_pox.jpg  sarah_hodges.jpgLink opens in a new window psychological_subjects.jpgLink opens in a new window 
Prof. Hilary Marland Dr Roberta Bivins Dr Claudia Stein Dr Sarah Hodges Dr Mathew Thomson