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Re-Imagining the Mediterranean: Trans-cultural networks in the Early Modern World

A one-day workshop on Friday 17th May 2019
at the University of Warwick

Convened by Dr Giada Pizzoni, Dr Anastasia Stylianou and Prof. Mark Knights.
Sponsored by the History Dept, EMECC, the European History Research Centre, the Hakluyt Society, the British Academy and the Society for Renaissance Studies.
About the workshop

The Mediterranean was the international hub of early modern Europe. Its cultural and ethnic diversity was frequently commented upon by observers, and texts, art works, and material objects depicting its exotic richness were eagerly purchased across the adjoining three continents. As such, it is an outstanding focal point for transcultural, transnational, and interdisciplinary studies of the early modern world.

This workshop drew upon recent, fruitful trends in scholarship, in order to challenge and extend existing models of international networks in the early modern Mediterranean. Its aim was to draw together the burgeoning but disparate bodies of research related to this topic, in order to facilitate understanding of how these cross-cultural encounters influenced religious, socio-cultural, economic, political, and national identities.


illustration from a 16th-century Ottoman manuscript of market in Constantinople

 illustration from a 16th-century Ottoman manuscript of a market in the Jerrahpasha district of Constantinople