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Academic Modules

The Language Centre offers a number of language learning opportunities, whether as part of your degree or in your spare time.

The modules in the academic programme may be taken for credit as part of your degree study or as a separate private module for students and University of Warwick staff. We offer a range of levels, depending on the language, as well as accelerated options for those who wish to develop their language skills at a faster pace.

Register your interest in one of our language modules.

Information regarding Academic Modules

  • Undergraduate students

Before trying to enrol with the Language Centre it is essential to check with your department which modules are acceptable within your degree course. Students in their final year will not normally be able to take a non-accelerated level 1 module. Modules are free to undergraduates who register formally and take them as part of their degree course. However, undergraduate students who wish to take a module which is not part of a degree course (i.e. as an extra) can do so by paying a fee.

  • Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students (taught course or research) are welcome to study a module on the academic programme and are advised to consult their department in the first instance, as funding may be available.

  • Staff

University staff members can also take one of our academic modules. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to use Warwick Learning Account (WLA) vouchers for Language Centre modules.

  • Public

Unfortunately we are no longer able to accept enrolments on to our academic modules from members of the public.

Fluency of language and accuracy are as important as each other. The essential language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in the target language are given equal attention. Students are expected to attend all classes, and devote as much time through independent learning to their study of a foreign language as other modules. Please ensure you read the Important Notes on Academic Study

If you wish to make a complaint please see the following link for more information: