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FAQs for Academic Study

Can I study a language as part of my degree?

Yes. The Language Centre offers academic modules in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, with options ranging from beginners to more advanced levels in most languages.

For those students choosing to take one of our academic modules as part of their degree study, the cost of the module will be included in their undergraduate tutition fees. Those who opt to take an academic module with us outside of their degree study must pay the required fee for that year (please see our academic fees page).

If you are interested in taking an academic language module as part of your degree, it is vital that you contact your home department to confirm whether or not they will allow you to do this (please note that final year students are not normally permitted to take non-accelerated beginners modules). You must do this before enrolling with the Language Centre.

Can I study a language outside of my degree?

Yes. Undergraduate students who wish to take a module on the academic programme which is not part of a degree course can also do so. There is a fee charged for this; please see our academic fees page for more information. Alternatively, you may prefer to enrol on the LLL programme.

How do I register for an academic module?

In order to enrol on one of our academic modules, you need to personally come to the Language Centre on one of our enrolment days (held at the beginning of the autumn term). This is the case regardless of whether you are studying the module as part of your degree or not. In addition to registering with the Language Centre and consulting about the correct level to take, if you are studying the module for credit you must also register on the university electronic module registration system (evision) for the module of your choice, in the same way as for any other academic module.

If you register on evision for a Language Centre module and then change language level as a result of consultation with a tutor, it is your responsibility to amend the module details on the university system. If you do not do this, you will not be able to take the exams at the end of the year, and may end up deficient in credits. Any questions regarding this process should be directed to your home department in the first instance.

How do I know which level to register for?

A table comprising of our levels and pre-existing experience/qualifications can be found here. Please note that this table should only be used as a rough guide; the appropriate level for you will be determined by a tutor in your chosen language when you enrol.

How do I enrol for an academic module?

Information on how to enrol with us on an academic course can be found here.

How do I pay for an academic module?

When you enrol you will be asked whether you are taking the module as part of your degree or outside of your degree. If you have chosen to take the module outside of your degree, you will be able to pay for your course with debit/credit card using our online secure payment page (linked to the enrolment form). We can also take cash payments at the Language Centre office if necessary.

I feel that I've been assigned to the wrong level, what shall I do?

In the first instance you should contact your class tutor with your concerns as soon as possible. If appropriate, they will discuss this with relevant colleagues and determine the best course of action. Please note that decisions on level changes cannot be made by office staff; you must talk to your module tutor and follow the process outlined above.

How are the academic modules assessed?

Academic modules include ongoing assessments throughout the academic year, covering all relevant skills, and end of year final examinations in the summer term.

Most of our academic modules are offered as full-year only and therefore are available as either 24 or 30 CATS. The exception to this are the higher level cultural modules in French and Spanish (up to eight modules in total), which replace levels 6 and 7; as these are one-term only modules, they are offered as either 12 or 15 CATS.

Full descriptions of the contents and details of the assessment schemes can be found on each course description page within our website.

Can I change to taking an academic module not for credit?

Yes – providing that this change does not leave you deficient in credits and your home department is in agreement with this change, you can switch to taking the module for zero CATS. Please note that if you wish to do this, you will have to request this formally both to your home department and to the Language Centre, and then pay the required fee for the module.

Can I withdraw?

If you are taking an academic module not for credit, you will need to notify the Language Centre office by email (using academic dot language at warwick dot ac dot uk). Please note, however, that the Language Centre operates a no refund policy unless there are exceptional circumstances (please see here).

If you are taking the module for credit, you will need to check with your home department first and make sure you have a sufficient number of CATS from your other modules for the year. You will then need to formally notify the Language Centre by email at academic dot language at warwick dot ac dot uk. It is also the students’ responsibility to ensure that their evision is updated to reflect the withdrawal.

What if I have to miss an exam?

If you are taking the module for credit, and you know that you will not be able to attend an exam, you must notify the Language Centre office by email, including any relevant evidence if applicable. We will then consult with your home department and your tutor for the language module.

When and how do I get my marks?

Please note that the office does not issue results for term 1 and term 2 assessments; you will need to contact your tutor for this information. Any marks issued during the academic year will be purely provisional; confirmed marks are only provided following examination boards in the summer term.

In terms of final module results, if you are taking the module for credit, your overall mark will be released to you by your home department, after all the relevant exam boards have met. Once you have received your overall mark from your department, you can request a breakdown of your results from the Language Centre, by emailing academic dot language at warwick dot ac dot uk (quoting your name, module taken and your overall mark for the module). Please note that marks will only be communicated by email, not verbally, and that the office will not issue any result break down information until your department has already issued your results officially.

If you are not taking the module for credit, you can request your results from the office after the exam boards (around mid July) by emailing academic dot language at warwick dot ac dot uk.