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FAQs for Lifelong Language Learning Courses - Updated 2018/19

What kind of LLL courses are there?

The LLL courses are split into the following categories:

  • General Group (GG) 2 hour classes per teaching week for up to 24 people. The majority of our language classes at lower levels are General Group classes.
  • Small Group (SG) 2 hour classes for up to 12 people. The benefit of this style of course is to maximise the learning potential, giving you more time to use the language, which is very beneficial for high level conversation classes. It also enables us to offer a wider range of levels and languages than other providers in the area.
  • Learning for Pleasure (P) 2 hour classes for up to 12 people. The LfP courses are designed for those who wish to maintain their language (and who have already achieved the highest level on offer) or where there are smaller groups.

Please note: The number of places in a group may be increased by 1 or 2 students where required.

How do I enrol for an LLL course?

You can enrol online via our website. On our homepage you will find a link to our online enrolment form (this will only be accessible during the enrolment period).

If you know what level you are - for example, if you have passed the previous level or you are a complete beginner - please enrol online. If this is your first time on the LLL programme, you should have a meeting with an appropriate member of the language staff for level allocation. Please come to one of the advertised level consultation evenings; alternatively, if you are unable to attend one of these dates, please contact us on language dot enquiries at warwick dot ac dot uk and we will be happy to put you in touch with a tutor.

What are the fees for LLL courses?

LLL General Group (GG)

Up to 24 students

LLL Small Group (SG)

Up to 12 students

LfP Small Group (SG)

Up to 12 students

19 x 2 hour taught lessons 19 x 2 hour taught lessons 19 x 2 hour taught lessons
£280 (or 4 WLA vouchers*) £350 (or 5 WLA vouchers or 4 WLA vouchers + £70) £350 (or 5 WLA vouchers or 4 WLA vouchers + £70)

How do I pay for the course?

When you complete our online enrolment form, you will also be taken to a secure payment page.

Your enrolment will not be complete without the payment being taken, and no space will be reserved for you on the course.

What happens after I have enrolled on a course?

Please make a note of the details for the class in which you have enrolled, including the day of the week that it is held and the start time. Our courses will begin on the following dates.

As our courses can sometimes be subject to last-minute changes, it is not possible to issue room information in advance of your first class. However, we will have posters on the walls by our reception office (on the ground floor of the Humanities building) for the first few weeks of each course, so we advise you to arrive a little earlier on campus so that you can consult this. Subsequent room changes (after teaching week 2) will be communicated by email, either by the office or your tutor, using the email address provided during enrolment.

Can I enrol on LLL for one term only?

No, enrolment is for the entire course (two terms), as we need to ensure that we have viable groups which can cohere over a period of time and that our administrative costs are kept to a minimum.

Will I get a certificate?

If you are taking one of our LLL courses, you may be eligible for a certificate awarded by the Language Centre.

In order to be eligible for a certificate, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • Attend a minimum of 10 classes over terms 1 and 2
  • Complete all assessments/portfolio/tasks
  • Achieve sufficient can-do statements to progress to the next level

Undergraduate students of the university (who meet the above criteria) will not receive a specific certificate for completion of an LLL course; instead the course will be added to your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record) for that academic year.

Certificates are not available on our LfP courses.

Please note: Certificates will be issued during the latter part of the university's summer vacation. If you are eligible for a certificate, you will be contacted by the centre over the summer, using the email address provided in the enrolment form, so please ensure that the contact information we have for you is up-to-date.