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Lifelong Language Learning Timetable 2023/24

Do you need to know which module level is right for you? Check here for more information.

The fees for LLL courses in 2023/24 can be found here.

LLL courses run for 19 weeks over two terms and each week you will have a two-hour online class (using Microsoft Teams).

Term 1 - 9 sessions (starts week commencing 9 October 2023)

Term 2 - 10 sessions (starts week commencing 8 January 2024)

Please be aware that all classes require a minimum class size to run and that in exceptional cases we reserve the right to exceed class sizes by one or two people.

Module Title Code Day and Time
LLL Arabic Beginners LL171-0 Thursdays (18.00-20.00) Online
LLL Chinese Beginners LL172-0 Mondays (18.00-20.00) Online
LLL French Beginners LL174-0 Mondays (18.30-20.30) Online
LLL French Lower Intermediate LL176-0 Wednesdays (18.00-20.00) Online
LLL German Beginners LL180-0 Mondays (18.30-20.30) Online
LLL Italian Beginners LL186-0 Mondays (18.30-20.30) Online
LLL Spanish Beginners LL191-0 Wednesdays (18.30-20.30) Online
LLL Spanish Post Beginners LL192-0 Mondays (18.00-20.00) Online
LLL Spanish Lower Intermediate LL193-0 Wednesdays (15.00-17.00) Online