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Lifelong Language Learning Timetable 2017-18

Please note, this timetable is provisional so may be subject to change; tutors will not be confirmed at this point.

Any classes marked (SG) are charged at £320; all other classes are £240

**Updated day/time


Module Title Code Day & Time
Arabic Beginners L11A Thursday 18:30-20:30
Chinese Beginners L31A Monday 18:30-20:30
Chinese Post-beginners (SG) L33A Tuesday 18:30-20:30
French Beginners L41A Wednesday 16:00-18:00
French Beginners L41B Thursday 18:30-20:30
French Post-beginners L43A Tuesday 18:30-20:30
French Post-beginners L43B Wednesday 18:30-20:30
French Lower Intermediate L44A Tuesday 18:30-20:30  
French Intermediate L45A Tuesday 18:30-20:30
French Higher Intermediate (SG) L46A Tuesday 18:30-20:30
French Advanced 1 (SG) L47A Wednesday 18:30-20:30
* French Advanced 2 (SG) - Not Running 2017/18 L48A Monday 18:30-20:30
 *French Advanced Culture/Conversation (SG) - Not Running 2017/18 P49A  Thursday 18:30-20:30  
German Beginners L51A Monday 18:30-20:30
German Beginners L51B Tuesday 18:30-20:30
German Post-beginners L53A Thursday 18:30-20:30
German Lower Intermediate L54A Thursday 18:30-20:30
German Intermediate L55A Tuesday 18:30-20:30
German Higher Intermediate (SG) L56A Thursday 18:30-20:30
German Advanced 1 (SG) L57A Tuesday 18:30-20:30
*Greek Beginners (SG) - Not Running 2017/18 P61A Monday 18:30-20:30
Greek Post-beginners (SG) P63A Thursday 18:30-20:30
Greek Higher-Intermediate (SG) P66A Wednesday 18:30-20:30
Italian Beginners L71A Monday 18:30-20:30
Italian Beginners L71B Tuesday 18:30-20:30
Italian Post-beginners L73A Tuesday 18:30-20:30
Italian Lower Intermediate L74A Wednesday 18:30-20:30
Italian Intermediate L75A Tuesday 18:30-20:30
*Italian Higher-Intermediate (SG) - Not Running 2017/18 L76A Thursday 18:30-20:30
Italian Advanced 2 (SG) L78A Thursday 18:30-20:30
Japanese Beginners L81A Wednesday 18:30-20:30
Korean Beginners L151A Thursday 18:30-20:30
Portuguese Beginners L101A Tuesday 18:30-20:30
Russian Beginners L111A Wednesday 18:30-20:30
Russian Post-Beginners (SG) L113A Tuesday 18:30-20:30
Spanish Beginners L121A Monday 18:30-20:30
Spanish Beginners L121B Tuesday 18:30-20:30
Spanish Beginners L121C Thursday 18:30-20:30
Spanish Post-beginners L123A Wednesday 18:30-20:30
Spanish Lower Intermediate L124A Tuesday 18:30-20:30
Spanish Intermediate L125A Wednesday 18:30-20:30
Spanish Higher Intermediate (SG) L126A Wednesday 18:30-20:30
Spanish Advanced 1 (SG) L127A Tuesday 18:30-20:30