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Lifelong Language Learning Timetable 2021/22

Please note, this timetable is provisional so may be subject to change; tutors will not be confirmed at this point.

All classes will take place online and the fee is £250


Module Title Code Day & Time
Arabic Beginners LL171 Thursday 18:30-20:30
Chinese Beginners LL172 Tuesday 18:30-20:30
French Beginners LL174 Monday 18:30-20:30
French Post Beginners LL175 Wednesday 16:00-18:00
French Intermediate LL177 Wednesday 18:30-20:30
German Beginners LL180 Monday 18:30-20:30
German Post Beginners LL181 Wednesday 18:30-20:30
German Intermediate LL183 Wednesday 18:30-20:30
German Advanced LL185 Monday 18:30-20:30
Italian Beginners LL186 Wednesday 18:30-20:30
Italian Post Beginners LL187 Wednesday 13:00-15:00
Korean Beginners  LL189 Thursday 18:30-20:30
Spanish Beginners LL191 Wednesday 18:30-20:30
Spanish Post Beginners LL192 Wednesday 15:00-17:00
Spanish Intermediate  LL194 Monday 18:30-20:30