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Inclusive Education in the Arts – Best Practice Event

About the Event

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make this event as a success. In particular we'd like to thank the event speakers from various departments, the Arts Faculty, as well as the Dean of Students Office. In addition, we're grateful for the over 60 attendees, consisting of both staff and students, who asked questions, discussed their experiences, and shared their ideas.

As an opportunity for departmental staff to share their inclusive education approaches, this event allowed attendees to take stock of achievements, challenges, and lessons learnt in order to be prepared for future funding applications.

Please find the event programme and poster below. A report summarising the events' key take-aways will be circulated in due course.

Time and Place

Thu, 8th of June 2023

1.30-4.30 pm

FAB 5.01 and 5.02

The event was organised by the Faculty of Arts to support the development and implementation of departmental inclusive education action plans.


13.30 Welcome by Rachel Moseley, Vice Provost and Chair of the Faculty of Arts
13.40 Introduction by Rebecca Freeman, Dean of Students

Session 1: Student Involvement and Co-Creation (Chair: Maria Mallett)

13.50 Student Networks - David Lees, SMLC
14.00 Co-creating a Best Practice Toolkit - Bing Lu, Faculty of Arts
14.10 Supporting Students from Diverse Communities - Matt Evans, Classics
14.20 Q&A and Discussion, followed by a 15-minute break

Session 2: Data Analysis for Inclusive Education (Chair: Ida Lübben)

14.50 Using Data to Understand Awarding Gaps - Lydia Plath, History
15.00 Student Equity Survey - Jane Webb and Nick Bernards, Cross-Faculty Studies
15.10 Q&A and Discussion, followed by a 15-minute break

Session 3: Accessibility and Reasonable Adjustments (Chair: Seven Standen)

15.40 Neurodiversity and Inclusion - Emma Mason, English
15.50 Implementing Reasonable Adjustments - Damien Homer, Disability Services
16.00 Q&A and Discussion
16.20 Wrap-up by Sarah Richardson, Chair of the Arts Faculty Education Committee and Deputy Chair of the Faculty of Arts

Any questions or concerns, please reach out to Ida Lübben (Arts Faculty DSEP).