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Student stories

Aamena, German Studies

After I realised that at school I was enjoying the humanities subjects more, I decided to apply for modern languages at university, as it would allow me to study both language and culture through literature, which was perfect for me. I looked around at different universities, but what stood out to me about Warwick was the flexibility of taking modules from other departments, which has meant that I’ve been able to take some really interesting modules from the English department.

It was only after I started at Warwick that I came across the wide range of degree subject combinations that are offered here, which is what I really like about Arts at Warwick - you don't have to stick to a rigid degree structure as there are so many different pathways you can take.

Ore Ofe, English Literature and Creative Writing

Harry, Theatre and Performance Studies

Kornelia, Liberal Arts

Doing the IB programme helped me prepare to study in English but applying to university in the UK was always going to be a change. I wasn’t able to come to open days in person either so my choices were based on information I could find on the internet and from alumni.

As soon as I got my offer, I knew there was something special about the community at Warwick. Staff from the department were always inviting to reach out and offer holders quickly formed a group chat to get to know each other. I would encourage others to take advantage of these opportunities and reach out to student ambassadors, staff and other prospective students.

Studying within the Faculty of Arts at Warwick encouraged me to look at my interests from an interdisciplinary and holistic way, which allowed me to pursue them from a variety of angles to create a pathway specific to me. It is really encouraging to see so many staff and students so enthusiastic about their subjects and inspiring others to follow their passions.

Eleanor Hassal, Politics and International Studies and Hispanic Studies

Finding somewhere open and welcoming like Warwick was especially important to me as I’m Deaf, come from a northern, working-class background, and am the only person in my family to have a post-16 education. Consequently, I worried that I wouldn’t fit in at university, but I couldn’t have been more wrong about this! Warwick and the School of Modern Languages and Cultures go above and beyond to make you feel welcome.

Arriving at Warwick I found my passion in Memory Studies (how Spanish society collectively remembers the Civil War) – something I’d never even heard of before university! I’ve taken several specialised modules in this area, my favourite being ‘Memory and the Spanish Civil War: Virtual Approaches to a Contested Past’. Here, we analysed the role of public history such as museums and digital archives. This was a truly unique way of studying Spanish history and politics and it really brought the course to life – a great example of how versatile and inspiring Arts at Warwick is!

Arya, Liberal Arts (Economics pathway)

Angelo, Theatre and Global Sustainable Development Studies

Olayinka, English and History

When I moved to the UK at 10, I was always conscious of my English and my accent. I had it in my mind that English as an academic field was not for me, not just because of my accent but also because of the cultural stereotype that the arts was not for someone like me. My sixth form were helpful in helping me out of this mindset. I was pushed academically in a way that I never had been before, learning not just for a grade but for the joy of learning.

My first year at Warwick has been a mixed bag of ups and downs... I joined Transformations which is a brilliant incentive of going into local schools to teach some form of literature and inspire the students about university. I joined a group on Decolonising the curriculum that was made up of student and staff, was part of the Nigerian Society, ACS, Law Society, Film Society and so much more. Through all these I was not only able to meet new people but also discovered a lot about what I’m interested in.

Overall, the Faculty of Arts at Warwick has been brilliant to be a part of, from the engagement of the staff, their support and choices you have in what you want to learn, and the shape of your degree which continues to impress me.

Amina, Global Sustainable Development and Business Studies

I applied to Warwick because of the opportunities it provided, including the excellent teaching, the range of scholarships and the many doors open to you after graduation. In particular, I chose to study GSD as it is a unique course to Warwick. GSD teaches you about the principles of sustainability, but more importantly the course encourages you to actually go out and make a change yourself. Also, this course stood out to me because it can be taken as a joint honours degree with so many different courses and I feel this is essential because it enables students to bridge sustainability in all aspects of life.

The most inspiring thing about Arts at Warwick is the impact it has on people. I chose to study an Arts subject because I believe it allows me to express my creativity; I know that my opinions are valued and that they hold a lot of importance in the subject. This is what I find particularly inspiring as I can be heard and make an impact. I think an Arts subject is also reflective of reality as there is not always a simple yes or no answer - everything is dependent on each other and an outcome will be as a result of its context.