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Call for Papers

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TURIN 2019

Plans and Call for Papers for

the SEFR Annual Conference to be held

in Collaboration with the State Archives of Turin as a Joint Initiative:

Wednesday 18 September (starting at 13:30)

to Friday 20 September (ending at 13:30)

We are delighted to announce that the 2019 SEFR Annual Conference will be held in Turin as a joint initiative in collaboration with the State Archives of Turin. The conference will be hosted in the auditorium of the State Archives of Turin. The topic of the conference will be:

The Role of Courtly Spectacle in the Politics and Diplomatic Entanglements of the House of Savoy in the Renaissance and Early Modern Periods (1450–1750).

Il ruolo dello spettacolo di corte nelle politiche e nelle relazioni diplomatiche di Casa Savoia dal Rinascimento all’età moderna (1450–1750). 

The conference will include eight chaired sessions (thematic panels) with three speakers, of which at least one will speak in Italian and one will speak in English. Each paper will last no longer than 20 minutes, and will usually be accompanied by slides/Powerpoint projection. In each session, the three papers will be followed by a brief question time (nearly 15 minutes). A SEFR scholar fluent in Italian and English will help the discussion by translating as appropriate.

Call for Papers: deadline for submission 10 May 2019

You are invited to submit a short abstract (of no more than 300 words), together with a brief biographical profile, in response to our call for papers. We suggest that the following topics might be included: traditions of Festival in Savoy; culture and tournament at the court of Carlo-Emanuele I; the first Madama Reale and French influence in Savoy Festivals; palaces made for Festival – the role of Amedeo di Castellamonte (architect); the musical household at Court – the works of Sigismondi d'India and Paolo Bisogni; poets at the Savoy court – Tasso, Tassoni, Marino, Chiabrera; painters at the Savoy court – Guido Reni, Antonio Tempesta and Federico Zuccari, Domenico Guidobono, and others; Festival as diplomacy and propaganda; mythology in the service of politics; Filippo d'Agliè – a unique promoter of Festival; Tommaso Borgonio – visual records of court entertainment; the role of Festival in negotiating diplomatic and military alliances involving members of the House of Savoy in Europe. Of course other appropriate topics will also be considered.

Please send your proposals to who will share them with the conference team (scientific committee) in the UK and Turin. We expect to confirm our selection of papers by the end of May. The themes and chairs of each session, as well as the speakers, will be defined by mutual agreement of SEFR and the State Archives of Turin based on the proposals coming from scholars. The shared values that such a choice will reflect are an interdisciplinary approach, engagement of scholars at different career levels, international participation, and a combination of talks in English and Italian within each session.

Attending the conference

You may prefer to attend the conference without contributing a paper. Either as a speaker of as a visitor to the conference you will be required to register in advance. At this stage we are asking for expressions of interest. As the conference programme takes shape we will send out registration forms, and details of the conference day-to-day catering and dinner as well as some suggestions for places to stay in Turin. We hope to secure some funding in support of the conference that will help us to keep personal costs down. We will let you know if we are successful.