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Branch Conference

International Courtly Literature Society British Branch conference 2015

This took place on 14th/15th April 2015 at the University of Warwick, hosted by Dr Emma Campbell (Dept French Studies). The Conference was generously sponsored by the Humanities Research Centre at Warwick and the Society for French Studies.

While the focus of the 2015 conference remained deliberately inclusive, the programme cohered around the theme of Reassessing Courtliness in Medieval Literature. The questions proposed for consideration were:

What are the boundaries of the courtly in the Middle Ages? How useful is ‘courtliness’ as a category for thinking about medieval texts of different kinds, including those not conventionally considered to be courtly? To what extent is courtliness a notion that translates between or among texts written in different languages or associated with particular cultural and historical contexts? How far is the idea of courtliness historically, linguistically, or culturally embedded? Taking these questions as its starting point, this conference critically assessed the value of ‘courtliness’ for contemporary approaches to medieval literature.

The conference included a round table discussion featuring Dr Jane Gilbert (UCL), Professor Ad Putter (Bristol), and Professor Emma Dillon (KCL)


Plase click here to see the programme.