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Stvdio Seminar Series Speakers 2011-12

Autumn 2011

Unless stated otherwise, talks are held at 5:00pm Femke Molekamp (Warwick): Tuesday 18 October: Seventeenth-Century Funeral Sermons and Exemplary Female Devotion: Gendered Spaces and Histories. 5:00–6:15pm, H4.50

Catherine Kovesi (Melbourne): Tuesday 1 November: Luxury and the Ethics of Greed in Renaissance Italy. 5:00–7:00pm, H3.03. Jointly organised with Early Modern Seminar

Thomas F. Mayer (Augustana College): Monday 14 November: Trying Galileo. 5:00–7:00pm, H3.03. Jointly organised with Early Modern Seminar

Wednesday 16 November: Medieval/Renaissance lunch

Tuesday 22 November: Postgraduate seminar on ‘Conflict in Late Medieval and Renaissance Society’; presenters: Rocco Di Dio (Marsilio Ficino as a Translator and Philologist: Conflicting Critical Views) and Kristi Woodward Bain (From Community Conflict to Collective Memory: Lived Religion and the Late Medieval Parish). 5:00–7:00pm, H3.03. Jointly organised with Early Modern Seminar and Italian

Brenda Hosington (Université de Montréal; CSR, Warwick): Wednesday 23 November: , Title ‘Translation as Dialogue: English Women’s Renderings of Male-Authored French and Italian Texts, 1450-1650’. 5:00pm, H0.56. Jointly organised with Medieval Seminar Series

Spring - Summer 2012

Tuesday 17 January. Megan Moran (Queensborough Community College CUNY, and a visiting research fellow within the Renaissance Centre): Parents and their children: Navigating Family Ties, Gender Dynamics, and Domesticity in Early Modern Venice. H4.03, Humanities Building

Wednesday 25 January. Sonia Gentili (Sapienza University, Rome): Petrarch and philosophy: sonnet 35 and its sources. H0.56 Humanities Building. Jointly organised with Medieval Seminar Series and Italian

Wednesday 8 February. Medieval to Renaissance lunch. 12-30 – 2pm, H0.42, Humanities Building

Tuesday 28 February. Eugenio Refini (Warwick): Found in Translation: Vernacular Readings of Aristotle and the Humanistic Turn. H 403, Humanities Building

Tuesday 13 March. Paul Botley (Warwick): Richard Thomson (c. 1570-1613), Bible Translator and Wandering Scholar. Graduate Space, Humanities Building

Wednesday 2 May. Louise Bourdua (Warwick): Venetian Giottesque in Trecento Art. H0.56, ground floor Humanities Building. Jointly organised with the Medieval Research Seminar Series

Tuesday 22 May: Lawrence Green (Warwick) "Come home wilde heades, then gad no more abroad": Some Notions of 'Home' in the Writings of Thomas Churchyard. Graduate Space, 4th floor annex, Humanities Building