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Ethics, Politics and Social Justice

Our research is grounded in the belief that the arts and humanities offer unique perspectives on the most urgent socio-political questions facing the world today.

Our research helps us to understand the challenges that confronted previous generations and to evaluate our ancestors’ responses to them.

The Faculty offers far-reaching investigations into such complex issues as globalisation, democracy, human rights, environmental crises, migration, inequality, diversity and inclusion, and citizenship and participation. Embracing the moral, practical and theoretical aspects of these issues, this research is intrinsically outward-facing. It often combines traditional outputs with innovative activities such as oral history projects, the development of teaching tool kits, apps and websites to ensure wide access to research findings, and the staging of educational workshops, film festivals and community events.

Slavery, exile and migration

Researchers across the Faculty have sought to expose the historical legacies of slavery, exile and the consequences of contemporary migration. This includes AHRC-funded research in History on the impact of Britain's West India Regiments on the changing nature of racial thought. There has also been a significant collaboration between the Chilean Museum of Memory and Human Rights and the School of Modern Languages and Cultures to enhance the visibility of exile experiences under the Pinochet dictatorship.

Health and end of life care

Researchers across the Faculty have also been exploring questions relating to the politics, practices and ethics of health and end of life care. In History, a Wellcome Trust project ‘Prisoners, Medical Care and Entitlement to Health in England and Ireland, 1850-2000’ has addressed maternity services, mental health provision and nutrition in the prison service. Researchers in Film and Television Studies have offered research on the potential of film and television to affect and effect understandings of vulnerability and dying.

Making an impact...

In Theatre and Performance Studies, the African Women's Playwright Network has established an international network of African women creative practitioners from more than 16 countries on the African continent and in the diaspora via a bespoke online platform. Until now African women playwrights had no way to connect with each other across Africa or in diasporas, or access training outside of universities. This digital humanities work has resulted in publications, educational projects, events and collaborations that are directly impacting on commissioning and programming in theatres and curriculum design nationally and internationally to increase visibility and representation.

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Ethics, Politics and Social Justice relates to our research themes of Sustainability and Development, Understanding the Huma and Ethics, Rights and Social Justice.

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