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Recent publications

  • 'Was the Builder of the 'Crazy Vault' Actually Crazy? Reaction and Response in the Thirteenth Century at Lincoln Cathedral', in Niamh NicGhabhann and Danielle O'Donovan (eds), Mapping new territories in art and architectural history: Essays in Honour of Roger Stalley, (Turnhout 2021), 391-419.
  • 'Burton Lazars, Leicestershire, the Evidence from the Worked Stone Collection', Acta Historiae Sancti Lazari Ordinis 4 (2021), 7-41.

  • with Kathryn A. Morrison, 'Sampson Frisby (13h1): Rediscovering the Career and Milieu of a 17th-century Freemason', Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 65, (2021), 20-37.Samson Frisby
  • Melbourne Church, Derbyshire', in, J. Mace, (ed.), A Medieval Legacy: The Ongoing Life of Forms in our Built Environment, (Toronto 2020), 201-226.
  • 'Crowland Abbey church and St Guthlac', in A. Thacker and J. Roberts (eds) Guthlac Crowland's Saint, (Donington 2020), 298-315.
  • 'Alabaster Carvings from Late-Medieval Lincolnshire', in Z. Murat (ed.), English Alabaster Carvings and their Cultural Contexts, (Woodbridge 2019), 150-72.
  • 'St Guthlac and Company: Saints, Apostles and Benefactors on the West Front of Croyland Abbey Church', in Sue Powell (ed.), Saints and their Cults in the Middle Ages, Transactions of the Harlaxton Conference 2015, (Donington 2017), 249-64.
  • with Linda Monckton,' "Excellent, new and uniforme yn work", the church of St Mary in Nottingham', Trans. Thoroton Soc. 118 (2014), 1-22. TTS 2014
  • with Therese Martin, 'Sistemas constructivos en las fases iniciales de la Catedral de Santiago: una nueva mirada al edificio románico a través de las marcas de cantería', in J.L. Senra, (ed.) En el principio: Génesis de la Catedral Románica de Santiago de Compostela. Contexto, construcción y programa iconográfico, (Santiago de Compostela, 2014), 142-163. Compostela
  • 'Signed in Stone', Country Life, 13th February 2013.  signed_in_stone.pdf
  • 'The Construction of the Gothic Priory Church at Hexham', in Jeremy Ashbee and Julian Luxford (eds), Newcastle and Northumberland, Roman and Medieval Art and Architecture, British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions, 36 (Leeds 2013), 115-40
  • Kirby Hall, Northants. The Evidence of the Masons' Marks. Report for English Heritage, 2012
    Kirby Hall 
  • 'The Standing Fabric and the Rockeries: reconstructing the priory of St Peter, Thurgarton', in J. Burton and K. Stober, (eds), The Regular Canons in the Medieval British Isles, Medieval Church Studies, 19 (Turnhout 2012), 433-57
  • with Sofija Matich, 'Creating and Recreating the Yorkist tombs in Fotheringhay Church', Church Monuments, 26 (2011), 82-103
  • Fotheringhay
  • with Harry Sunley, 'Kenilworth Abbey Barn: its construction and uses', in Linda Monckton and Richard Morris, (eds) Coventry, medieval art, architecture and archaeology in the city and its vicinity, British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions, xxxiii (Leeds 2011), 327-43
  • Mapperley Hospital and George Thomas Hine, (1841-1916), consulting architect to the Commissioners in Lunacy, Trans. Thoroton Soc., 112 (2008), 199-219
  • 'Masons' Marks and the Working Practices of Medieval Stonemasons', in P. Barnwell and A. Pacey (eds) Who Built Beverley Minster? (Reading 2008), 21-40


  • ‘The Origin of Masons’ Marks in Romanesque Buildings in England’, Medieval Archaeology, 51 (2007) , 63-81
  • with Kathryn A. Morrison, 'The recording of the masons' marks. The Apethorpe Hall Research Programme', Research News, newsletter of the English Heritage Research Department, 5 (Winter 2006/07), 19-22.
  • with Kathryn A. Morrison, ‘Apethorpe Hall and the workshop of Thomas Thorpe, mason of King's Cliffe: A Study in Masons' Marks’, Architectural History, 50 (2007), 59-94.Thorpe paper
  • with B. W. Hodgkinson and Sue A. Hadcock, ‘The Gylbert Monument in Youlgreave church: memorial or liturgical furnishing ?’ Church Monuments, 21 (2006), 94-111.
  • ‘Lincoln Cathedral Cloister’, Journal of the British Archaeological Association, 159 (2006), 222-48.

Chapters in books

  • '"Sadly mangled by the insulting claws of time", 13th-century work at Croyland Abbey church', in John McNeil (ed.), King's Lynn and the Fens: Medieval Art, Architecture and Archaeology, British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions, xxxi (Leeds 2008), 112-133
  • ‘A History of Stonemasons’ Marks and Stone Bonding Methods’, in Andrew Prescott (ed.) Marking Well: essays on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England and Wales and its districts and lodge overseas, (London 2006), 4-62
  • ‘The Gothic West Transepts of Rochester Cathedral’, in Tim Ayers and Tim Tatton-Brown (eds) Medieval Art, Architecture and Archaeology at Rochester British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions, xxviii, (Leeds 2006), 146-163.
  • ‘Solid as a Rock: Poured lead joints in medieval masonry’, in Robert Bork (ed.) De Re Metallica AVISTA series (Aldershot 2005), 255-63.
  • ‘Bardney Abbey, Lincolnshire: Benedictine with a Cistercian Accent’, in Terryl Kinder (ed.) Perspectives for an Architecture of Solitude. Essays on Cistercians, Art and Architecture in Honour of Peter Fergusson (Turnhout 2004), 301-12.
  • ‘The Construction of the Gothic Choir of Carlisle Cathedral and the Evidence of the Masons’ Marks’, in M. McCarthy and D. Weston (eds) Carlisle and Cumbria Roman and Medieval Architecture, Art and Archaeology British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions, xxvii, (Leeds 2004), 106-126.
  • ‘Villard de Honnecourt and Masons’ Marks’, in Marie-Therese Zenner (ed.), Villard’s Legacy: Studies in medieval technology, science and art in memory of Jean Gimpel AVISTA series (Aldershot 2004), 53-69.


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