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Archives of the Audio-Visual

Department of Film and Television Studies, University of Warwick

Histories of the Digital Future:

Thursday, May 19th 2011 11.00 – 3.45 Millburn House, 0.28

Archives of the Audio-Visual’


Speakers include Carolyn Steedman, Charles Barr, Amy Holdsworth and members of the Department of Film and Television Studies

This workshop within the HDF programme offers an opportunity for the department to reflect on encounters between the archive, the audio-visual and the digital. With an opening presentation by Professor Carolyn Steedman of the Warwick History Department, the day will also include presentations from Professor Charles Barr (University College, Dublin) and Dr Amy Holdsworth (University of Glasgow). Members of the department, both staff and research students, who use archives in their research, will contribute a series of case-studies to help us consider some of pleasures and perils of archival research in the 21st century.

Draft Timetable

11.00 Introduction: Charlotte Brunsdon

After the Archive’ Carolyn Steedman

Followed by questions and discussion (short break/coffee)

12.15 Case studies in the electronic archive: Chair: Alastair Phillips

K.C.Forcier, ‘Unique and ponderable: DVD contexts for short film and video

Holly Mak, title tbc

Marta Drozd, ‘Tracing the New Romantics through the archive’

1.00 Lunch (in 025)

2.00 Old and new archives: Chair: Jon Burrows

Charles Barr ‘Archival Trial and Error’

Rachel Moseley ‘Lost in the Archive’

Stella Bruzzi, title tbc

Amy Holdsworth After the Archive: Exhibiting Television


3.45 Close

Please contact if you wish to attend.

Suggested Reading:

Carolyn Steedman: ‘In the archive’ from her Dust (Manchester UP, 2001)

Lynn Spigel: ‘Housing television: Architectures of the archive’, Communication Review 13: 52-74 (2010) This is a special issue on the archive, with several pieces of interest.

Keith Thomas, ‘Diary’ London Review of Books 10th June 2010 pps 36-37 (an eminent historian’s account of his method).