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Lúcia Collischonn (de Abreu)



Lúcia is a Brazilian-German translator and PhD candidate in Translation Studies at the University of Warwick. She takes special academic and professional interest in Exophony in creative writing and translation, that is, writing literature in a foreign language and translation into and out of one’s mother tongue. Exophony was the theme of both her Master’s dissertation and her current PhD research. She has special interest in the works of Yoko Tawada, having recently translated two texts by the author, the novel Etüden im Schnee (2016) which was published in Brazil in May 2019, and Der erste Nachtgesang published in the Journal No Man’s Land. Research interests include: translation theory and practice, literary theory, contemporary and world literature, Portuguese-language literatures, German-language literatures, transnational literature and adaptation studies.


Dr. Chantal Wright (Warwick Writing Programme)

Dr. Will Amos (School of Modern Languages and Cultures)

Project Description

With apologies to my mother tongue. L2 translation as an exophonic practice

In my current doctoral study I am focusing on literary translation into a non-mother tongue, as it is and was regarded in Translation Studies prior and after the advent of the discipline, as well as in the publishing market. My primary aim is to propose a new term: exophonic translation, to deal with this specific type of translational practice. Drawing on existing theories of exophony and writing in a foreign language within literature, but also on aspects of sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, translation history and translator studies, I am willing to understand how translators approach directionality in translation, their ideological stance on issues of bi and multilingualism, as well as their specific professional contexts, taking into account the monolingual bias and power structures in the publishing industry. My project is interdisciplinary and therefore aims to bridge the gap between disciplines in regards to exophonic translation and then help this practice be more visible in literary translation studies.

Other projects

✦ Blog editor - University of Warwick Library Blogs PhDLife and StudyBlog. (Jan/2020 - Sep/2021)

✦ Winter2020/Fall 2021 intern New Books in German project. (Nov/2020 - April/2021)

Babel Babble Podcast (Host and Creator)

Breaking Down the Walls of Babel: Dialogues in Translation. Conference. 8 May 2021 (Organiser)

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women in Translation in Dialogue (Organiser)


  • PhD in Translation Studies, University of Warwick (2018-present)
  • MPhil in Comparative Literature, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS (2015-2017)
  • BA in English and Portuguese Language and Culture - Translation, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS (2009-2014)


  • 2020: EN9A5 - The Practice of Literary Translation, Warwick Writing Programme, University of Warwick
  • 2016/2: German to Portuguese Translation Practice at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS


  • Chancellor's International Scholarship (2018-2022)
  • HRC Doctoral Fellowship 2020
  • CAPES Stipendium for Excellency in Research (2016 – 2017) for the completion of the Master's thesis.
  • Associate Fellow - Advance HE UK


  • English PEN
  • Emerging Translators Network
  • Young Translation and Interpreting Scholars
  • ALTA BIPOC Literary Translators Caucus

Lucia presenting a paper

Paper presentations (recent selection):

Exophonic Translation Takes Centre Stage: literary translation into a non-mother tongue. IMLR Graduate Forum, University of London. 21 January 2020, London

Exophonic Translation Takes Centre Stage: The (In)visibility of Literary Translation into a Non-Mother Tongue. L2 Translation: Getting out of the Grey Zone. International Conference. Institute of Translation Studies, Charles University. 20-21st September 2019, Prague.

Sprachmutter: The Metaphor of the Language Mother in the works of Exophonic Authors. Multilingual Literatures: Interdisciplinary Conference. Gregynog Hall, Wales. July 17-19th 2019, Newtown.

Misgendered and misplaced: the Orient and critique in Machado de Assis's The Academies of Siam. PILAS Annual Conference. University of York. June 4-5th 2019. York.

Invited Talks:

Translating the Exophonic text: On Keeping the Exophony of Yoko Tawada in Translation. Oregon Society of Translators and Interpreters (OSTI) Virtual Conference - From Masks to Mastery - September 12-13, 19-20, 2020, via Zoom.

Panel Member - Non-native and Collaborative Translation - Foreign Affairs Online Festival - 20-25th August, via Zoom

Roundtable: A Obra da Escritora Yoko Tawada no Brasil: Tradução e Pesquisa (The work of Yoko Tawada in Brazil: Translation and Research) - 14th June 2021 - CDEA - Centro de Estudos Europeus e Alemães (Center of German and European Studies) - UFRGS, PUCRS, DAAD, German Embassy, via Zoom.


Memories of a Woman (Memórias de Mulher), by Eltânia André, and Translator's Commentary. In: Qorpus v.11 n. 1 mar 2021/Especial Brazilian Translation Club (pp.115-122)

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Virus? Children Discuss COVID-19, by Fiamma Luzzatti. Blog L'aventura (Le Monde). Virtual Adventures in Collaborative Translation, Queen's College Translation Exchange, University of Oxford. Contributor/Translation Group Member.

COLLISCHONN, L. The first nightsong (Translation of Yoko Tawada’s Der Erste Nachtgesang) In: No Man’s Land 13 Winter/2018

COLLISCHONN DE ABREU, L. Memórias de um urso-polar (Translation of Yoko Tawada’s Etüden im Schnee). Published May 6th 2019 in Brazil by Editora Todavia.

COLLISCHONN DE ABREU, L. Tawada Yôko Não Existe (tradução de Tawada Yoko Does Not Exist, por Yoko Tawada) Translatio v.14, p.X, 2017

Book Chapters:

COLLISCHONN, L. Sprachmutter: Oedipal Struggles with Language Mothers in the Work of Exophonic Authors In: Jones, K., Preece, J. and Rees A. (ed) Multilingual Literatures: International Perspectives. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars. 2020

Other writings and contributions:

An Interview with Sharon Dodua Otoo - New Books in German - 1st September 2021

Lucia is leaning over a table with the shortlist and long listed books of the Warwick Women in Translation Prize

Further information:úcia-collischonn-de-abreu-25516459/úciaCollischonndeAbreu